I just finished rereading the collected stories of Sherlock Holmes.  I'm not into mystery stories in general but these stories have always blown me away.  There's something about the characters and the interactions that transcends the whole crime-clues business. 

Anyway, when I last read them, about six years ago, I remember being struck by how much more fascinating Holmes was compared to Watson.  I mean, Watson's a nice guy.  But Holmes is something else.  At that time, I thought to myself that part of what made Holmes so attractive and seductive as a character was his own imperviousness to attraction and seduction.  There's something about a cold fish:  you want to light them on fire.

Rereading the stories now, though, I didn't feel that way.  I found myself drawn to Watson and his engagement with people and the world.  To set the heart of Holmes aflutter is impossible.  To set the heart of Watson aflutter is easy.  Every poignant story, every lovely woman, every danger to his friend, Watson's pulse is quickened. 

I thought, "What a lovely quality.  Why did I miss it before?"
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