This novel, Left Neglected, is by a neuroscientist, about a neuroscientific condition in which people can't perceive the left hand side -- of anything, really.  The good thing about it is it's full of interesting information -- like the fact that for people with certain disabilities, snowboarding is a realistic and safe option in ways that skiing isn't and there are whole organizations set up to facilitate that.  The bad thing is -- well, it's a little predictable.  Like, at the start the main character is angry at and estranged from her mother, and caught up in being super-mom and super-worker and super-successful, and at the end, she's had a tearful reconciliation with her mother and is living in Vermont working a part time job. You could sort of see that coming a mile away, and -- call me perverse, that kind of made me not want it to happen. 
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