I just reread Pnin by Nabokov.  Truly among the greatest of the great novels ever, brilliant, heartbreaking, hilarious, all at the same time.  Pnin is an awkward Russian emigré college teacher, a speaker of humorous infelicities in English, a man of nobility of purpose, someone frequently mocked as a hapless dope. 

If you've read Pnin, you'll know immediately why I laughed at the Amazon review that contained this sentence:

"The amusement that the author gives the reader disappears in the last third of the book.”

This could have been written one of Pnin's under-educated Americanski students! Perhaps the one who had to underline the the difficult word "oiseaux," in the library copy, to write above it, "birds."

If you haven't read Pnin recently, go read it now.
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