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Five Ways To Focus on Your Writing Goals!
Five Ways to Focus on Your Writing Goals
Nov 8th, 2015 | By Suzanne Lieurance | Category: Writing Tips

by Rebecca Camarena

how to stay focused

Do you feel overwhelmed with your To-Do List? Are you surprised, at the end of the day when you have nothing completed? Maybe, it’s not the length of your To-Do List, but the fact that you are not really focused on what needs to get done. Focus, focus, focus is the key to completing your goals. If you’re having trouble focusing and moving forward with your writing, here are…

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What is Onomatopeia? Do you ever wonder why children and adults can be entertained with comic books?

In addition to the condensed story, it’s the words on the page that delight and entertain.

In a fight scene in a Batman Comic, you will see one word in colorful brackets.

These words, POW, BAM, BONK and others are words mimic the sound of the action it refers to.

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GIVEAWAY! Titled Jazz Mergirl, this is the biography of Jazz Jennings, well-known teen activist and star of TLC’s I Am Jazz TV docuseries. In 2014, Jazz was chosen by TIME magazine as one of the world's "25 Most-Influential Teens,” an honor she shares with Malala Yousafzai.

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Write the book your want to read and can't find. Guest post by Bruce Edlen author of the #ya book,

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Meet Jazz: Meet Jazz: Teen Activist,Star of TLC I AM Jazz #BooksChangeLives #JazzMergirlTheBook #transgender #ya Find the book on Amazon. 

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60 is the new forty, right? Is life and sex after 60, taboo or a forgotten memory? This book shares the humorous changes, and challenges of senior romance. *great gift book for all those older women in your life, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends.

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Meet Americus Dotter, a human egg donor for Yale University, who discovers that many of her embryos have gone to stem cell research. Unknown to her she has contributed to an industry that is at the center of our generation's greatest moral and ethical debate. Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before. Available in kindle, nook and paper from local online book sellers.

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Book Giveaway: Teera: A Life of Hope and Fulfillment
Excerpt ~
I must have screamed his name a thousand times in my dreams during the year that followed his murder. The sleeplessness wore heavily on me, and dark bags formed under my eyes.
“It takes time.”

I heard the expression over and over again in those wretched months. ‘In time’ I will learn to cope. ‘In time’ my face will heal and ‘in time’ my scars may “not be so noticeable.”

I knew that in time the memories of my love, my Chandra, would soon disappear. I tried my hardest to hold on to the idea that his presence may still carry me, and yet, in time, I still felt alone.

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Featured at Book Reader Magazine Teera de Fonseka, author of the memoir Teera: A Life of Hope and Fulfillment.

Teera: My story is about a painful journey to freedom. God’s amazing grace and mercy brought us to America. At the time, I was willing to settle anywhere in the world to be able to live together with my children in peace. When my children were still infants my perfect world was shattered the night my husband was violently murdered while the two of us lay in bed sleeping. The assailant intended to kill me too, but I survived. Devastated by loss and disfigured from a gruesome facial wound, her infants still to care for, I learned to endure and to carry on. Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine that place would be the United States.
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