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Calin Sandici
Happy mixer of Google AdWords and Analytics, mostly in E-Commerce.
Happy mixer of Google AdWords and Analytics, mostly in E-Commerce.

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First time in #bratislava. Should be fun.

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So many #AdWords users who struggled with either custom coding or various extensions will find this anywhere between nice and awesome.

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Grammer comes to mind


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+Dave Davis, if you have a spare coupon for this one I think now's the time to help an interested customer :).

For a moment I thought #google #adwords started targeting prayer intent as well :).

In a #display campaign using keywords for targeting electric vehicles and electric vehicles accessories, a praying app showed up (its pro version, mind you) :) among the placements.

Just as I was wondering if those people might have been praying for an EV and that Google detected that :) I noticed that Targeting Optimization was turned on.

Faith in prayer privacy restored :).

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What doesn't kill you keeps you up
Yes, it's #coffee time for me

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You just can't beat nature when it comes to beauty. Ever.

#plitvice #croatia

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Funny how an app requests permission to know your location, is not available in certain regions and so on and so forth.


and by the time you start it you find it's set by default to the wrong metric system for your region / country / language / [insert dimension here]

#ux   #wtf  

I've never really thought the UK will vote for the #brexit  . I just thought it'll be an exercise of democracy, people will vote to stay and from then on the case will be closed.

I must say I'm very surprised of the outcome.

+Jon Gritton , +Jack Porter-Smith , +Scott Dunroe does this mean you'll need a visa when you come to Europe and I'll need a visa if I come to the UK?

That's a strange feeling to get used to.
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