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Calling a mega appliance repair company can be convenient but what they do not tell you is the mega pressure they put on their employees to get in and out of your house as soon as possible.  At Direct Appliance Repair we schedule accordingly to help give plenty of time to get the job done right the first time.  An example is our great dryer service. 

As a courtesy, if we find a dirty dryer, we will vacuum up the lint at no extra cost with your dryer repair.  The big box service tech would input a cleaning as an extra charge.

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Spring and summer is coming soon.  Just a reminder that appliances can do strange things.  Take a look at these photos of a leaking refrigerator that was not connected to a water supply.  

Where did the water come from, you may ask?  Frost is the answer.

1st image is of your coil inside of a side by side refrigerator.  
2nd image shows a frozen defrost drain pan.
3rd image shows it finally cleaned out and working properly.

A frozen defrost drain causes melted frost to drip over the pan and finally out of the refrigerator and onto your floors which may cause damage.  Hope this helps.
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