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Hi all,

In the United States, the Office of Science and Technology Policy (a Whitehouse office) recently issued a policy memo to require open access and open data to federally funded research outcomes. It's a different take on open access than the UK (with the Fitch Report).

Anyway, federal agencies that support research recently held a public comment meeting. The usual suspects (publishers, professional societies that have publication arms) are attempting to weaken or subvert the open access provisions. They are also attempting to weaken open data requirements, citing "sustainability" reasons. 

With Open Context, we submitted some policy recommendations summarized here:

Also here is a blog post discussing some of the problematic assumptions behind "sustainability" arguments:

If you're supportive of open access and open data in archaeology, we would appreciate it if you could contact the National Science Foundation and other agencies about the research value of more openness in archaeological dissemination. 


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USER NEEDS STUDY (Sorry to cross-post / spam!)

If you have used digital data from ADS, tDAR, Open Context or another
archaeological repository or website, or plan to do so in the future,
we want to talk to you.

I'm working with Elizabeth Yakel, Ph.D. at the School of Information, University
of Michigan and Ixchel Faniel, Ph.D. from OCLC Research. We have
partnered with Eric Kansa, Ph.D. of Open Context for a study called
Dissemination Information Packages for Information Reuse (DIPIR).
This study explores how to facilitate reuse of digital data and
collections. The DIPIR study is being funded by the Institute of
Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to explore how to facilitate reuse
of digital data and collections (

We would like to interview you about the data you work with,
especially any data you have used or intend to use from a repository
or website (e.g., ADS, tDAR, Open Context, Cuneiform Digital Library,
museum and project specific web sites, Pleiades, Perseus Digital
Library, American Numismatic Society). We are particularly interested
in your attitudes toward and perceptions of data reuse in archaeology.

We are currently scheduling phone and face-to-face interviews.
Additionally, we will be at the American Schools of Oriental Research
meeting in November 2011 to conduct interviews. The interview will
last 1 hour and be audio taped. All information you provide will be
anonymized in any publications and your participation will be kept
confidential. Participants in the study will be compensated $25 for
their time.

Please email us at if you are willing to be interviewed.
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(Cross posted on Twitter):

We're very happy to be working with a very talented group of researchers that have joined Open Context's Editorial Board. This Editorial Board will up us work to improve data quality and usability. See:
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Sorry to cross post on Twittter and Facebook with self-promoting blather, but...

The "Archaeology 2.0" book (with Ethan Watrall and Sarah Whitcher Kansa) is finished:
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