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The final words
Tuesday 26 th September 2017 This will be our final blog entry. The reason why we started the blog was to be able to let our
family and friends in Australia see what we were doing and to confirm their thoughts that we were completely
mad – I don’t think tha...

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A time to take it easy
Thursday 21 st September to Monday 25 th September 2017 A few weeks ago when everything had not been finalised, I
was talking to Diane, as I do everyday, even though we are a just few miles
apart, and I felt that I just needed some time to myself before I f...

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Surveyed and all OK – she’s gone
Monday 18 th September to Wednesday 20 th September 2017 From Foxton I had just about a couple of miles to move –
would these be the last miles on Ferndale ? The Survey had been booked in for Tuesday 19 th September
and I was there bright and early – before...

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A goodbye to many….
Friday 8 th September to Sunday 17 th September 2017 For both weekends encompassed within this period I have
spent quite a few hours on the road and quite a few miles disappeared under the
cars that I hired, but it was very important to go and see as many o...

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Going, Going, Going ……..
Friday 1 st September to Thursday 7 th September 2017 I guess the news this week is that we have acceped an offer
on the boat and subject to a survey, which will be on 19 th /20 th September, Ferndale will pass onto a lovely couple – more to come. All of th...

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Just wanna see a game mate!
Monday 14 th August to Thursday 31 st  August 2017 What have I been doing all this time? For some of it I have actually been on holiday from work –
it is such a lovely experience I may do it full time, but not just yet. It was lovely to not have to get up t...

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Happy Anniversary
Sunday 13 th August 2017 No travel today – I will be staying in Nottingham for a few more days. This is a special day, but sadly for the third time in the
last 8 years Diane and I would be spending our wedding anniversary on opposite
sides of the globe. It ...

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Visitors and crew arrive
Monday 7 th August to Saturday 12 th August 2017 Just enough time in the morning to get the boat in some
semblance of order before it was time to hike it down to the train station and
meet Paul and the boys as they alighted from the Sheffield non-express. T...

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Thursday 19 th July to Sunday 6 th August 2017 I have been slowly making my
way eastwards from Lemonroyd Marina; there has been a bit of time spent in
Castleford and since then it has been a steady pace to Keadby where we (the
boat and I) sit and contemplat...

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Ferndale is for Sale
Friday 30 th June to Wednesday 19 th July 2017 This
has been an exhausting 3 weeks for all of us. We
arrived in Brisbane at a hal decent hour – around 7am and we were through
customer and immigration without any problems within the hour – we then had
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