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Getting Down to Business With Ready Cash
As I was browsing through NBC News, I found some significant news on the issues small businesses have been facing in the US. It’s indeed a long list ranging from tax burdens, strict federal policies, a poor lending market, political uncertainty and fiscal t...

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Selling Invoices to Generate Funds for Your Business
Today’s small businesses often run into financial turmoil, and some take the extreme decision of declaring bankruptcy without knowing the best solution that they could have undertaken. On the other hand, some businesses that are profitable face severe cash ...

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Unleashing Your Invoice’s Funding Ability
If you are a small business owner, then your company is consistently running up debt to fund its working capital requirements. Such debt may decrease your cash to debt ratio significantly until your business gains a profit by collecting on invoiced payments...

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Resolving your Cash Needs for Fulfilling Orders
Businesses frequently receive large orders with high profit margin from their valued customers. Though, to fulfill these orders, they may not have sufficient working capital as the suppliers usually expect full or partial payment before they start productio...

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Seeking New Avenues for your Funding Needs
As a business owner, you may find that getting a conventional bank loan isn’t easy. You may have a start-up business that requires a good amount of working capital to meet payroll and tax obligations, avail supplier discounts, upgrade technology, or provide...

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Funding for Your Big Order
If you are running a wholesale, you may have often faced cash flow problems while trying to secure large orders. Competing for new business is difficult since clients continuously look out for the lowest price and quickest delivery. In addition to that, to ...

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Filling in Cash Void of Your Business
Small businesses have long
been fulfilling their financial requirement by taking out loans from banks.
Through the economic slowdown, weak profit margins, poor cash to debt ratio,
and stringent federal regulations have forced banks to take a more cautious a...

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An Ally Who Can Show you the Money
The lending machines are holding back money. The green
currencies are gradually vanishing from the business wallets. Sounds like a
movie named ‘Nightmares on the Wall Street’? No, there is no such movie
actually, but the nightmares could still be there. Whe...
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