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El you are beyond gorgeous!!! This foundation looks right up my street. I'll definitely have to invest after my spending ban! Xxx

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Life | International day of the Midwife!
Happy international day of the Midwife! It might mean nothing to you, but as a Midwife it's a day to appreciate the hard work that goes into my profession from midwives around the world. I'm very proud to do what I do!  If you think you'd like a more in dep...

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Life | OHMYGOD #blogfortrek WINNER
I am in a total state of shock, still. I woke up from a night shift this afternoon, about half 12 to see Trek America had tweeted they'd announced the winner of their #blog4trek competition. I sleepily checked the page to see which lucky girl had got it and...

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Sunday Funday
I'm currently writing this in a post night shift haze, so I'll apologise now if it makes no sense! It's lovely to have a Sunday (almost) all to myself. I work a lot of weekends and so if I do get some downtime along with everyone else it's important to me t...

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Lest we forget.
Every year I wear my poppy with pride for the period before and after the eleventh day of the eleventh month; Remembrance day. I think it is so important to honor the soldiers who gave up their today for our tomorrow, for those still fighting, and for those...

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Room Tour
Another of my favourite posts to read/see are room tours as
I think they’re so interesting and give me loads of great ideas! This room in
my new house is really the first space I’ve had complete control over and I’m
really really happy with how it turned ou...

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She's back!
Ok so as you may or may not know, I have recently moved up to the Midlands to start my career as a midwife. Which is terrifying and exciting and very disruptive. I STILL haven't got wifi at my new house (cheers, EE) and so that's the reason for my little hi...

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Boots Bargains
Walking into Boots is always a dangerous thing, I popped in with my Mum and ended up coming out with my purse feeling lighter but with th...

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These boots are made for walking...
...and that is just what they'll do. Is it obvious yet that I adore black and gold? Black accessories with gold hardware are my weakness ...

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This week's loves
TV After being ill and stuck at home on the sofa for a good few days this week, I watched a hella lot of daytime TV. As much as I love An...
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