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Help! How can i update dragin lands? Playing from canada and it keeps telling me the game is incompatible with my devices.. 

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+Derrick Jackson​ are these your dragons? 
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Finally beat one of the masters of the game... wishing i took a screenshot of the battle... super happy.. :)

Happy new year everyone!! 

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Bred a chinese and a new year dragon!!!!! Soooo happy right now... 

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Uhm... ok so now to get xp points i tried the buy and sell style -- bought a diamond turtle for full price but sold it at 500k only... then tried other stuff too.. looks like we're only gonna be getting 10% for selling out stuff now..

Mirage, lace or chameleon dragon -- are they all at 19133 max health at level 20/ix??? I wanna buy one... but cant decide... how about shields? Are they available now on 4e with 3inner circle elements??? Please help... 

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Fighting wallet warriors is just sad... just coz they can spend $55 on a super special dragon they get extra advantages... should i just delete this game??? 

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For the armours in dragons world -- the blue gems i can get from completing the battles... but where do i get the elemental shards??? This games is confusing the heck out of me... 

Might be too soon for dw but what the heck are armours???? are they bought with gems, coins, essences or by quests?? 
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