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Multi-domain, Unlimited & Photographic Hosting, Web Services and Domains, VPS & Dedicated Servers
Multi-domain, Unlimited & Photographic Hosting, Web Services and Domains, VPS & Dedicated Servers


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We've just upgraded the capacity of our hosted exchange mailboxes to a huge 10GB. Now for just £8 month or £80 year you can get the ultimate in email connectivity.
See our services page for more details
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HostPost Web Services are really pleased to be able to announce that we have just launched our new Custom VPS Service. Now you can build your own Virtual Private Server and add as much RAM, DISK SPACE and as many CPU resources as you need. This is particularly useful to people who run busy photographic website as many photographic gallery scripts can be demanding on web servers.

Shared V VPS Hosting
You might wonder why you might need a VPS, the truth is in a lot of cases you probably don't. Depending on how busy the site is many average home run Photographic sites will run happily on a shared hosting environment. Especially if like us your host allows the option to control the php memory through uploading a php5.ini file.

Larger busier Photo sites on shared hosting may start to suffer from periodic issues including server lag and failed processes. There is a good reason for this, the server is running not only yours but many other sites and the host has a responsibility to safe guard all the sites performance. In order to do this there has to be established capped limits on how much resources your site can ask of the server.

This can be a problem if for example you are running batch processes to update your files. Running a serverside process on a gallery with a large number of images in it can trigger a server protection response. In effect the server may see your image file updates as a direct hacking attack or threat on the server overall performance. The shared server might halt the process and in some severe cases disable the site as a security measure. Very frustrating for the user but when you think it has done this to safeguard a whole cluster of other sites as well it is quite understandable.

If your Photo site has got to anywhere near that stage then it could well be time to consider changing your hosting to a VPS solution. You won't have to compete for the resources, the site will run more smoothly and should return a noticed increase in performance. Plus all our VPS come with unlimited bandwidth.

It should be noted that as VPS comes with full ROOT access extra care is needed in operation. Ideally you will need a small amount of know how to get the best from it and not inadvertently wreck your hard worked on website by doing the wrong thing. VPS is not for everyone but those with a reasonable level of Tech-Savvy should cope fine with the set up.

VPS is cheaper to run than you may think
Our BASE VPS is not a lot more than many of the PRO UNLIMITED shared hosting costs; Example - 1&1 Business is £9.99/m (while Hostpost shared unlimited price is just £4!).

VPS prices start from just £12/month for a base VPS platform. This gives you 50GB space, 1GB RAM and a single vCPU. Then just add what extra resources you want for your VPS .

It's just an extra:
£2.50 a month to add each extra block of 10GB disc space
£5.50 for each extra 1GB of RAM
£4 to add another vCPU

There is no shortage of what you can have on your VPS either:
WEB SPACE starts from the base 50GB and goes up to 500GB in multiples of 10GB
RAM starts from 1GB up to 32GB and comes in 1GB blocks
vCPU can have between 1 to 12 running the VPS

Flexible monthly payments
Paying as you go month by month with our no contract period; this VPS option is truly the most flexible cost effective on the market. It can grow with your web presence and you are free to add or subtract any resources required as you go or even to cancel at any time without penalty.

So you can start with the base unit alone at the £12 and once you need it just add extra space, more RAM or another CPU to make the whole thing run like a rocket (recommended for large busy gallery sites running regular processes).

VPS Management
Managing your custom VPS is accomplished easily straight from within your HostPost Web Services customer account. Just use our unique slider bars to build and change your very own SPEC VPS.

VPS Add ons
In addition, to support your server there are of course a number of extra services to assist your VPS. Back up your VPS with our optional back up services. Just £2 a month per 10GB block.

Each VPS has its own built in control panel but we also offer other popular Control Panels options like Plesk and cPanel.

Head on over to and see the full details. Sign up for a free customer account and order your VPS today for an improved performance Photographic hosting experience.
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