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Tweeter addon updated to V 1.0.13

Our popular Tweeter addon for Concrete5 CMS has been updated to use the Twitter V1.1 API and now also posts pretty URLs as per your system settings.

Thanks to everyone who's given us great & useful feedback for this addon which has now been downloaded over 4000 times!

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Tweeter addon for @Concrete5 updated

Our free auto-tweeting addon for Concrete5 CMS has been updated!

This update respects the DIR_REL setting for C5 sites running in a subdirectory. How it got through 11 versions and 3700 downloads without this being spotted is amazing!

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Tweeter addon for Concrete5 updated

A dashboard cosmetic fix and a mod to fix a Zend HTTP issue with linking the addon to a Twitter account.

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Just been checking our Concrete5 addon stats...

Thank you to everyone who uses our stuff, our addons seem to be getting ever more popular! All addons are free, with the exception of the brand new Indexer, just released.

Tweeter - 3152 installs
Calendar Nav - 2012 installs
Mailer - 1313 install
Twitter Login - 411 installs
Indexer - 1 install, it's only just been released!

#concrete5   #tweeter   #mailer   #indexer   #calendarnav   #twitterlogin  

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Just sold our first non-free Concrete5 addon, didn't even realise it had been set live in the Marketplace!

#concrete5 #cms #Indexer 

Server upgraded

Have upgraded our main webserver today from Opteron CPU to Xeon CPU - almost 2x as nippy, giving the machine greater capacity.

Which is nice :o)

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Our #Concrete5 Calendar Navigation addon

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