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One day, I'll make the perfect web app language.

* whitespace will be significant, and leading whitespace must be an alternating series of tabs and spaces: `\t \t \t `

* it won't support promises, but it will support wild speculation

* the documentation will simply be a link to StackOverflow

* exactly 30% of the standard library will be API stable (but only on Tuesdays with an odd-numbered day)

In a world where code review is super lame ... one man eschewed reasonable practices and deployed untested, unreviewed code to production on a Friday evening.

Can we talk for just a sec about why a 200-line rake task is harmful?

"So, what's your recommendation for handling these dynamic constants?"

Maybe I'm just a prick, but where I come from, we call those variables.

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I just ajaxified a profile photo/avatar picker almost purely through cargo culting. I'm pretty sure I'm a PHP developer now.

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I went ahead and gemified that gist from yesterday. Because hell, why not?

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Anybody want a purchase invite for ... I finally got one, it's good for 24-hours as of this post, and I lack the funds to do it up at the moment.

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