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Why I Stopped Accepting Jesus into My Heart
If you’ve spent any time with evangelical Christians, then
you’ve no doubt had at least one of them tell you that you need to confess your
sins and accept Jesus into your heart. You’re promised that if you do so, you’ll
have eternal life in heaven. Does thi...
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Stop Judging Me!
It’s my life. I can live it the way I want. If I want to buy
a nice car, I should be able to without someone judging me for how I spend my
money. If I want to move in with my girlfriend, so what? It’s not hurting
anyone else. If I want to smoke a pack every...
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Are There Evil People in the World?
I was once taught that all stories have something in common:
they have good guys and they have bad guys. To this day I question whether this
statement is really true, but one thing I do know is that every Disney movie I
grew up watching was consistent with ...
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Are You Valuable?
I hate being rejected. It’s one of the worst feelings in the
world. When I get rejected, I feel like I’m a nothing more than a piece of
garbage that’s been thrown out to the curb. Sooner of the later, the garbage
man is going to come along to pick me up. I ...
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What Makes Me Better Than You?
Introduction It’s no secret that the United States is experiencing its
fair share of conflicts involving racism, bullying, and social cliques.
Unfortunately, it’s surfacing in ways which grieve all of us. As I’ve explored this topic in depth over the past f...
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Love Unconditionally - First Strategy for a Successful Marriage
The anticipation is over…well, at least for me. We’ve
reached our final, yet what we believe to be the most important, strategy for a
successful marriage. Our number one strategy for a successful marriage is: Love
Unconditionally. I’ll warn you up front tha...
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Pray for One Another - Second Strategy for a Successful Marriage
Ok, I have a confession to make: I’m far from a perfect husband.
I screw up as a husband over and over and over again. It’s a wonder that Amy is
still married to me! Most relationships start in what I’m call the “puppy love
phase” where neither of you can d...
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Hang Out...A Lot - Third Strategy for a Successful Marriage
Have you noticed that spending time with someone creates a
bond with that person? Maybe you’ve experienced it at work, playing sports, or by
taking a vacation with your family. There’s   something about spending time together with
other people that connects...
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Communicate Openly - Fourth Strategy for a Successful Marriage
In the Nicholas Sparks classic, The Notebook , Noah and Allie, both teenagers in Seabrook Island,
South Carolina, fall in love with each other over the summer. But at the end of
the summer, their relationship is broken apart when Allie’s family moves to Cha...
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Make Decisions Together - Fifth Strategy for a Successful Marriage
It was a cool February evening. Although I couldn’t see the
sun due to the overcast skies, I knew its light would soon disappear and I’d be
left with nothing but darkness for the next twelve hours. Taking one final look
at the depressingly cloudy sky, I hop...
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