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Nicholas Diable
Expert motoring law barrister and solicitor
Expert motoring law barrister and solicitor

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Acid attacks - MPs plans aren't as daft as they may seem
In the past few days there was a spate of attacks
committed in a small area of east London, presumably by the same people, over a
period of around 90 minutes in which acid was thrown in the faces of moped
riders who were then robbed of their vehicles. The u...

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Arming prison officers
Prison officers demand Tasers to defend themselves I heard on the radio this morning that prison officers
are calling for better protection against violent prisoners. Currently, I understand there are 19 attacks on prison
staff every single day in British p...

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When the prosecutors undercharge an offence it means a guilty defendant doesn't receive the punishment they should. In this case, a woman who should have been facing 12 years got 3 because the CPS undercharged her.

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Charging decisions: cyclist mown down by driver
Justin Henshaw-Bryan As a specialist motoring solicitor I spend a lot of time talking to the Crown Prosecution Service about charging decision - usually trying to get them to reduce or drop the charge against my client. But, in this case, I think they got t...

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A Canadian case helps show us that British laws breach Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

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The limits of sexual freedoms: polygamy
Winston Blackmore with some of his children and grandchildren There is a trial ongoing in the Canadian province of British
Columbia that raises some interesting questions about sexual freedoms in our
liberal 21 st century society. It’s the trial of Messrs B...

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UKIP’s integration agenda
The UKIP agenda - pic mercilessly stolen from someone on Twitter I don’t normally spend my time blogging about political
party manifestoes mainly because a. we don’t have elections that often; and b.
because they are usually pretty vague and unexciting. But...
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