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Hey +Motorola Mobility​, so running on the treadmill tells Assist that I'm driving? I can't run that fast... It's great otherwise.

Hey everyone.. Lately on my 2014 Moto X I've noticed that active display has been non responsive and leads me to holding down the power button until the phone resets. I did it again this morning and now I am noticing that all of my texts are gone. I use the Google Messenger app as my primary SMS app. I did not regularly back up my texts. I find it odd that the phone should just clear my text cache. Is there anything I can do to try and retrieve my texts and also avoid this happening again? I appreciate your thoughts.

Has anyone else had issues with +Motorola Mobility​ 's Physical Damage policy? My 2Gen moto x has a volume button issue not covered under warranty. I want to love Moto but when I get no satisfaction for being a loyal customer why remain loyal? I can't be the only Moto owner who feels this way.

Does anyone have insight on the #Moto360 and its radio frequency exposure guidelines? Has anyone ever commented on the safety of it? The User Guide doesn't seem to speak to it in detail...

Just curious

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Alex , I've enjoyed your work since your Moto Summer piece. Escape is another great installment. Thanks for making my Moto X look awesome!

Hey guys, I have a 2nd gen Moto X on Verizon running Lollipop. One thing I am noticing off the bat is the haptic feedback when typing which I can't seem to shut off in settings... Any tips on how to do that? Thanks for your help!

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This a fall Auto Awesome. Might be cheating a little with the moto camera, but cool colors.

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Picture with my Moto X 1st Gen

Hi all,

Any tips on getting new iPhone 6/iOS 8 users' MMS messages to show in my group MMS messages in Hangouts? Is the new iOS software just precenting this from happening? Thanks for your help!

Hello all,

Looks likes I'm having issues with group messaging with iPhone users who have a new iPhone with iOS 8. I only see MMS texts from those running old software (at least I think). Do you guys have any tips? I already had them toggle I message when I first came to Android I hope I don't have to do it again...


#SMS #mms #imessage #hangouts #groupmessaging
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