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Who's cooking dinner?
Are you the one behind the stove during the holidays? Do you hate it how your whole outfit can be ruined by wearing an ordinary kitchen apron? I found the most fashionable kitchen aprons! You probably will only need a Little Black Dress, because these apron...

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Top 5 Must Have Party Shoes under € 50!
The festive periode is already a really expensive period of time as it is. But you really want to look your best anyways! That's why i tried to make a top 5 of must have partyshoes, not to expensive. Let's face it... A girl can't have enough shoes :-) 5. Ne...

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Gifts from the Sofa
It's that time of the year; everyone gets in a
festive mood. I buy my gifts all year around, because otherwise I would go mad.
I love to do my Christmas shopping online, so I can buy something unique... It
is one of my favourite activities when the husband ...

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Perfect everyday Make-up
My perfect make-up bag should be small, easy to take around.  I don't like foundation, i do have pores unlike all the woman in advertising :-) I think if it is not applied professionally with me, it just looks really fake. I do not have a lot of time in the...

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