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How to make Font Awesome compiled when using Grunt Build

In this sort tutorial, I would like to address the common issue when you are using Yeoman as your scaffolding tool to generate simple web app, which include Bootstrap, SASS and Modernizr. The issue is when you add Font Awesome package through bower to…

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Link: Installing Node.js/NPM Without Sudo

If you use Node.js/NPM regularly for your web development in Linux or OSX, you might have faced common issue when you are trying to install npm or npm packages, which is EACCES error message. In this concise tutorial, Wen will guide you through the…

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First day at the new building (Supposed to be)

Yesterday, 19 October 2014, marked the last day we use NICTA as our basecamp of Griffin Accelerator after we (5 teams, including Symberra) had been in the three months mentoring and been incubated in the first Griffin Accelerator program at NICTA…

Hi All,

I am glad to find this community. I am new to the python GUI development and now learning to use PySide. I have some questions, but one thing that bugs me is that can we customize standard widget to looks like, for example twitter bootstrap ui? I have been looking for this answer in the PySide doc, but I haven't found yet. I would be appreciated if someone can explain to me. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Sorry for the poor language, English is not my first language.


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Bismillah, Saya dan sebagian dari Anda mungkin pernah bermasalah dengan penundaan, menunda apapun itu, yang menyebabkan apa yang Anda tunda terbengkalai hingga akhirnya harus tergesa-gesa menyelesaikannya di akhir waktu dan menyebabkan penyesalan,…

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