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David Prus
What happens when a non-accredited palaeontology fan blogs
What happens when a non-accredited palaeontology fan blogs

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Movie Review: Gorgo 1961
I’ve featured the first two of Eugène Lourié’s “Sea Monster”
films, so it’s time to talk about the last and most spectacular of them. It’s
the one with the biggest budget, but surprisingly the most kid-friendly of
them. While not a stop motion film, it made...

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Paleoanthropology vs Sasquatch: the obligatory cryptozoology post
Two of my inspirations for this little blog are Dr. Darren
Naish’s  Tetrapod Zoology  
and youtuber  Treytheexplainer  
If you follow them (and you really should), you’ll notice they’re interested in
the quasiscience of cryptozoology. Cryptozoology is the a...

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Today I’m returning to my Pictures At An Exhibition. In case
you haven’t read part 1, here’s the link The mural discussed this time is off-exhibit, as the space
in both the P...

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Movie Review: Behemoth the Sea Monster/The Giant Behemoth
One of the most interesting filmmakers when it comes to
dinosaurs was Eugène Lourié. A Franco-Ukranian who fled the country after
making the anti-Revolutionary film The Black Crows,   he revived his career in France as an artist
for the film industry, actin...

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Species that Don't Get Enough Publicity #12: Barylambda
The Field Museum is home to many holotypes-Brachiosaurus, the Southwestern
species of Parasaurolophus, Cryolophosaurus, Cacops, Secernosaurus, Varanops
and Thylacosmilus (more on them later). However, one prominent specimen is a
complete skeleton that puzzl...

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Top Ten (and more!) discoveries since the last time the Cubs won the World Series
As a Chicagoan, you can bet I was
quite proud of the Cubs winning the baseball World Series after 108 years. 108
years can be quite significant, especially in the 20 th century’s
many, many, events. The 20 th century has seen atrocities, wars,
tragedies, an...

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Ancient enemies: man-killers of prehistory
Happy Halloween, readers! The human psyche is full of fear.
A lot of fear comes from our vivid imaginations-horror is full of hypothetical
situations based on pure fantasy, but on premises that date to real situations
and concepts. Murder, disaster, acciden...

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An Overview of Dinosaur Exhibits Part 6: The Carnegie Museum revisited
When you think of timeless fossil museums in the USA, you
usually think of places like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. You think of
schools like Harvard, Yale, and Drexel. You think of places where they’re found
like in Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, an...

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Book Review: Prehistoric Monsters
Dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts have been a big part
of Western Culture, especially the dominant English, French and American
cultures, for centuries. This has been acknowledged by scientists, historians,
and artistic commentators, but there are rela...

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Today I’m returning to my Pictures At An Exhibition. In case
you haven’t read part 1, here’s the link We continue the series of murals with one that has been
restored to disp...
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