# Photo Challenge #

If you were interested in seeing the pics we used for the photo challenge, or wanted to try it out yourself, here are the pics from the photo challenge along with instructions;

01 - This picture has been taken by a drunkard, please straighten it.

02 - This is a lovely old building in Brussels, but could we transport the viewer back in time by turning it black & white (or better sepia?)

03 - I'd like the pic of this island band-stand to fit in a weird sized photo frame I own which has a ratio of 7x4 (WxH).  Can you crop to this?  Also does the software supply a list of standard ratios as well?

04 - This pic is a little bit under-exposed, can you brighten it slightly?

05 - .CR2 is Canon's RAW photo format (exactly as the camera sensor sees it without compression or adjustment).  Can this be opened in the software?

06 - Can the photo software do fancy HDR image production?  The process of making a High Dynamic Range image involves first capturing a number of photos of the same subject (generally 3) each of which has been under, correctly and over-exposed.  You then merge them taking the parts of each image which have been correctly exposed.

07 - Can the software stitch the two images together to make one? 
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