NO! to "Privatisation of Profits and Socialisation of Loses!"

Europeans must come together as one, as is already happening.
We must support our fellow humans in Greece, France, Holland, Belgium (and now Germany) in this rejection of austerity.
Austerity is and insane idea imposed by Goldman-Sachs in the self-interest of Goldman-Sachs...short them on the markets (and JP BOA etc)!!!
Goldman, a company of financial Nazi's...that need to be brought to Justice just as the Nazi's were at Nuremberg (Even though I believe there was no Justice at Nuremberg!), The directors of Lehman should have been hung drawn and quartered (and a century ago they would have been), but non-human-rights trumps human-rights at the moment so the goldsmiths demand their promissory notes back to avoid paying out on them (worth less than dirt)...they dont want to pay up?...we must make them pay!?
Let the Euro slide....
Let the Euro devalue...
Let the Euro burn in the fire...
Let the Euro be a Phoenix....
Let it devalue to next to no Value and watch China come to the rescue!
They have a similar monetary policy! China didn't rescue the Euro a year ago and they haven't till now because they don't want to enrich a minority of "ticks" that are Goldman, JP Morgan, BOA and Barclays (and to many parasites to mention guilty by collusive-association!)

Viva Liberty!
Viva Humanity!
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