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Hey +Occupy Wall Street -
We have to move beyond trying to occupy physical space guarded with force - and reclaimed with unlimited violence!

These places - wall street, LSE and St. Pauls are modern
castles secured against invasion by the peasant masses!
The Forces of Victory stand against reason!
and yet...
Occupying mental space...public space (but not wall st) the
popular human consciousness is easier than thought...
don't strike for the head - GO FOR THE HEAL!
Why not occupy their letterboxes, phone lines and in-boxes
as these cost Money - Money - MONEY!
You cannot change the behaviour of the multinationals by appealing to their humanity because they have none!
Costing them money - that's how to grind them down -
making mince takes a long time but breaking down large bits of meat and mixing it with fat makes aggregated burgers and sausages - so keep on grinding - weave and wind - duck and dive - hit and run... that's how you destroy Tyrants and Bring empires to their knees?
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