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Realest album of the year, nawmeen.

10 minutes into Cyberbully and barely anybody is getting bullied.

ur a liar ABC family

Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?

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Where my /mu/tants at.

What the fuck is up with drummers, man? Every time I try to set up a practice for my band, the drummer always falls through, no matter what.

Shit busts my balls, man.


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I think what's interesting about Debussy's work and Impressionistic Music is that it doesn't really focus on distinct tones, modes, etc. It's all about painting a picture with the music. It's interesting how those ideas got shaped over 40 or so years and eventually ended up in Jazz music.

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>People not having G+ accounts
>G+ banned in the People's Republic of China
You'd think after the Crusades, the Black Plague, 2 World Wars, and mass famines, they would've gotten rid of all the plebs by now.

It also makes sense that the country with the most people has the most plebeian government. Step up, China.
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