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Tess Watterson (The Deluminators)

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Watch This Space!
Hello friends and followers of the Deluminators, This is just a little update post to let you know super cool things are coming your way! And yes, WE STILL EXIST! We've been working really hard this past year on lots of cool projects, we just haven't been u...

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Dear Deluminators
Dear Deluminators Thank you for teaching me what I am truly capable of. Thank you for introducing me to new and exciting people. Thank you for showing me what teamwork, real teamwork, looks like. Thank you for your message that age is no barrier to helping ...

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Esther Day 2015
“I feel very lucky to know you – and as far as I have seen, to know you is literally to love you.” – Esther Earl.  August 3 rd is a very special day for me, for the Deluminators and for many people around the world. Esther Day is a day that celebrates the l...

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Packages for Homeless 2015
Going into last weekend and our P4H distribution date, I found myself feeling what I can only describe as drained. School and a variety of other factors were making my life incredibly stressful, and I was not in the most positive of moods. Needless to say, ...

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The Deluminators Visit Monika's Doggy Rescue #2
Hello readers, On Saturday May 9th, a few of our members visited Monika's Doggie Rescue at Ingleside to volunteer.  Getting to Ingleside wasn't the easiest of trips and problems with public transport definitely didn't help. With one member lost, and an appa...

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Care of magical (Australian) Creatures #1
Saturday 7 th of February gave us a chilly summer morning
in Sydney. So when it came to starting the Deluminators’ first campaign of the
year - Care of Magical (Australian) Creatures- we were glad to be greeted into
the nice warm home of new recruit Steph. ...

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Bring on 2015
At the iconic fountain in Hyde Park, we had our first meeting for 2015. Two months has passed since the Deluminators last met at the Yule Ball and everyone was extremely excited to see each other again. Picnic rugs and chips were laid out and after a hearty...

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The Yule season is upon us
Music, Food, Decorations, Phone Calls, Guest Speakers, Prizes, Sponsors, Silent Auction, Desert, Merchandise, Tokens, Wine, Soft Drink, Material and Dinnerware. The past three months of life as a Deluminator have existed with little else. When Zoe, Sasha an...

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Let's Get Graphical
In the last few months, we have been extremely blessed with the existence of Jonny Anthony in The Deluminators world. First as a friend, then as a member and now our Artistic Director (hilariously inside joke name to come). Jonny has designed logos, invitat...
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