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Natalee Holloway
I'm hoping this is true that they found her remains to give her family closure, but I'm a bit... nervous? wary?... when the results are presented via a primetime TV special

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Would an early text-only draft of an adventure be interesting?
Hey interwebs, I was thinking of giving away an early draft of an adventure as a "Thank You" to an upcoming charity fundraiser. Gauging if people think that's Interesting or dumb. So your question of the day is:

Would you be interested in receiving a very early (pre art, pre cartography) text-only adventure as a special thank you gift for a charitable donation?
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Yeah, that sounds kinda cool
No, it's all about the art
Only if I get the final PDF later

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Comic-Con 2017
Because I'm a slacker, I forgot to post all of my comic-con pix from July. Here they are for your enjoyment. With d11, d12, and +Jim Graziano
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More Children of the Fallen Sun teaser art
I call this one "The Sexy Librarian with Glasses Look on Terra A.D." Art by the fabulous +InknSketch #mccrpg

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Images of the upcoming Ataribox
I like how they've kept familiar elements of the classic Atari 2600 design

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Adobe Flash officially going EoL in 2020

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The Last Will and Testament of Obediah Felkner at The Villainous Lair
Had the pleasure of participating in my annual DCC RPG game with my San Diego friends +Jim Graziano, +Bill Meyer , and +R.S. Tilton (along with d11 and d13) to playtest my forthcoming DCC Western.
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Another Children of the Fallen Sun teaser
By Jove, what wonderous things has this adventure stumbled upon in these strange containers?

More fabulous art work delivered by +Reba Pyron, but pixelated to avoid spoilers

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Children of the Fallen Sun is first announced MCC RPG 3pp adventure
Kickstarter coming in early Aug!

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Game-inspiring locations
So I'm hanging out in Maui this week, and being here really makes me want to write/run a WaterWorld DCC/MCC one-shot adventure. I'm envisioning an ocean-based hex crawl with "dry land" just being one or two hexes on far corner of the map.

I know I talked about this with someone (maybe +James Walls?) in some other thread somewhere, but you know how Google Plus is... it ironically sucks at searching.
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