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Why the God-Haters Hate Israel
One of the greatest evidences that there is a God—to whom we owe our very lives, and whose Word we are to follow—is the mere existence of a nation called Israel. Thus the rampant hatred for the children of Abraham. Nevertheless, science again makes clear wh...

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Liberals Wrote the Book on Sexual Immorality
Perhaps the most guarded tenet of all of modern liberalism is the idea that people should be able to do whatever they wish in the sexual realm. Whether killing children in the womb, redefining the oldest institution in the history of humanity, fighting for ...

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The Truth behind the Deaths of “Transgenders”
In case you missed it—which, sadly, no less than the U.S. Secretary of State made difficult —November 20 was “International Transgender Day of Remembrance.” The day focuses on memorializing the world’s gender-deluded who were victims of violence. By my esti...

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A History of Thanksgiving
Sir Walter Raleigh’s first attempts at settling the New World were disastrous. The English, who were now trying to gain a foothold in the New World, were succumbing to the same greed that had earlier blinded the Spaniards. Starvation, disease, hostile India...

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Colin Kaepernick Needs the Truth
On the same day that GQ—sometimes known as Genuflecting Quarterbacks—named Colin Kaepernick as its “ Citizen of the Year ,” several mainstream media outlets—including Christian websites —reported that some Christian players in the NFL who support Kaepernick...

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It’s the Worldview, Stupid
If we want to defeat or change those who are wickedly determined to take the lives of other human beings unjustly, it should go without saying that we must look far beyond the killers’ chosen instrument of death. This is why the pro-life community doesn’t p...

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What is “Sacred” to the Modern Left?
I think that the most telling thing about General John Kelly’s press briefing last week was when he lamented the things no longer held “sacred” in our country today. When speaking of American soldiers dying on the battlefield, General Kelly rightly declared...

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Harvey Weinstein Proves Why the Left Really Hates Trump
Chalk up the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal as one of the most unsurprising big media stories of the modern era. It’s like when a magazine run by liberals and devoted to promoting and encouraging the “sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll” lifestyle flubs a story abo...

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Christopher Columbus Deserves His Holiday (an excerpt from <i>The Miracle and Magnificence of America</i>
In my research for The Miracle and Magnificence of America , I spent a good deal of time looking at the life and exploits of Christopher Columbus. In spite of what you might hear from many modern pseudo-historians and ignorant Antifa fools , Columbus is a m...

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Hugh Hefner’s Real Legacy: Disease, Despair, and Death
A timely and stunning statistic befitting the recent death of America’s patriarch of pornography: a shocking 110 million Americans—over one-third of our population—are saddled with a sexually transmitted disease. According to The New York Times , The incide...
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