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Jennifer Hoots
I am a child of The Most High, wife to Jeff, and mother to three precious children.
I am a child of The Most High, wife to Jeff, and mother to three precious children.

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A Good-Bye House Tour
The other day we had to get the house all tidy and clutter free to take pictures to send to a Realtor who was going to give us some comparables, so I thought I would share some of the pictures here as a sort of memory post.  We have had a lot of good memori...

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June is Going to be Just Peachy
June is a special month!  School is out.  There is no band until August band camp at the college my son is going to attend.  We basically have the whole month to relax.  OK, not really relax, although if you think preparing a house to sell is relaxing, then...

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May, You Sure Went by Quickly
May, you sure went by quickly!  School finished up and a first graduation came upon us.  We celebrated quietly with just the grandparents and our family.  The graduate requested no big open house. We also started bowling with the Kids Bowl Free program.  So...

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Field Trip Time
One of the neat things we get to do now that we are part of a school is to go on field trips with our teachers and classmates.  Last week we went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  We had gone last year when Grace was taking Digital Photography.  This year...

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This and That
Only a few days left until tax season ends if all goes well this week for my husband.  I am so excited to have him back during the evenings and weekends.  I have quite a long list of things for us to do before we list our house.  First up is to get the deck...

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March Thankfulness
These are taken from my March journal where I write down a few things each week that I am giving praise to the Lord for.  I thought I'd share them here as an online record of my thanks to God. They are random.  They are simple. They are from the heart! At t...

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Longing for Lake Michigan
This view from the best web camera ever was just too pretty that I had to post. It is a cold, windy day at Lake Michigan, in the middle 20's.  I would still take a walk along the shore if I was there.  For now, I enjoy from my warm home!

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Halfway Through Winter
This coming Thursday we hit the halfway through winter mark!  Time to celebrate! Perhaps I will bake a cake.  Yes, for certain I will.  And I am going to start making plans for Valentine's Day.  I love to celebrate this holiday as a way to show God's love t...

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Protecting the Food Supply
Protecting the food supply is one of my most important jobs as a homemaker.  It involves so many aspects of economy.  Aspects that I have had to develop over the last 22 years. The biggest part of this job is shopping for food. Looking for deals, using coup...

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Tax Season Number 11 Begins
It is hard to believe that we are back to tax season, with my dearest husband working long, long hours for the next 84 days.  Today is the first Saturday he is at work. Eleven years ago when he started working tax season, I had three small children at home....
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