I’ve been out finishing NOMAD. It’s the best way I know to share the truth about #13MAGNUS.  

Production is going well and I thank Dr. Schubert for all of his help.

Disappointingly, I returned to what I believed to be the cave site Devra and I had visited at Arecibo, but could not find the Glyphs again, either there or in the old Spanish church.  It leads me to believe that #13MAGNUS might also beget pursuers. I have no proof of their existence, but have a strong suspicion.  I believe everything will rest on being able to find the ‘nest.’  Some texts I have encountered refer to it as a Necropolis or what is referred to in early Apocripha as a Locus Expectans (place of waiting).

Presumably, that is the place where XM infused vessels are stored.  

I am searching for a map that I believe circled the world, passing from hand to hand in the possession of missionaries, before finally ending up in Vatican control. The true significance of this map, I believe, has been long misunderstood.

I had expected that it had been destroyed, but now I believe still exists.

It is my hope that by leveraging the power of this Anomaly, in addition to influencing the location where the 13th Shard will manifest, we may be able to uncover this critical document.
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