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Typical P. A. Chapeau. On Saturday we’re hanging out at the RPE, even clowning around before it, arm wrestling and chatting. Next thing I know, he’s accusing me, in an indirect way, of hiding things from you. Let me set the record straight.

I didn’t know Ken Owen(s) any better than PA did. Met him a couple times. He gave the impression of being a squeaky clean guy in a very oily and dirty business. He’s a spin master, and I don’t mean exercise machine. I mean a guy who bends facts for a living. I don’t have a big problem with that, we live in a world of spin. Maybe I should, but either way, it's just something I've learned to live with and understand around.

It's no secret that I have had a long relationship with Ezekiel Calvin as both a friend, boss and colleague before and after the Niantic Project and after his Recursion at Abaddon. The man has done some things I disagree with. Many disagree with. But so have I.

I never said I hadn’t spoken to him and I never reported it because it didn’t seem relevant. To the best of my knowledge, Calvin lost all memory of the events from the time that is journalistically known as the 'Sphere of Weirdness' to the Abaddon Anomaly. I’m sure he’s read up and caught up, but as far as I can tell, he returned to IQTech and was enmeshed in a battle for corporate control of IQTech with Avril Lorazon, with whom I’ve had my issues in the past, but co-exist with in the present.

All of that having been said, it didn’t surprise me when Calvin called in a moment of crisis. He had my back, even when I was dead and I have to have his back. That is how relationships work.

And Calvin has good reason to believe he’s in the crosshairs.

All of that having been said, PAC is right about most of what he said in his post.

The murder of Ken Owen(s) is ominous and the fact that his body was found at the exact place where Roland Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe had their showdown at Kennedy Center can not be ignored.

And I agree that this was done to start something... I can't help but wonder if Owen is in the Franz Ferdinand role (I’m not talking about the Scottish Rock band, but the Crown Prince of the Habsburg Empire whose murder started World War 1). Owens might not have been of consequence in and of himself, but his death could set off a war.

So, like +H. Richard Loeb, I’m heading to Washington D.C. for the Anomaly. And sure, I’m Enlightened and he’s Resistance, but I don’t want to make an issue of it. Neither should he. We can’t let that get in the way of the fact that we’re both Truthseekers in our own way, can we?

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PAC was, in fact, right, that I will be attending the Remote Participation Experiment in Burbank this weekend. I looked for Misty in Australia. I tried to stop her. I found nothing. Was it sleight of hand? Has she been in control the whole time?

I was present but did not participate as the Agents did in the RPE events at Camp Navarro. In truth, I think none of us understood the full implications of Remote Participation at the time.

Now I do, and I have serious concerns about what it is that Misty has done or might be doing. 'Summoning' an Exogenous Intelligence using the Anomalies... inviting that Exogenous Intelligence into her own mind. This is dangerous stuff.

There are two other things of grave concern to me. Chatter from NIA contacts indicate that there's turbulence in Washington DC at the NIA and IQTech. Could this be connected to the recent arrival of Akira Tsukasa and her desire to take over the November Lima program? I can’t prove anything right now, but I suspect there is a link. No doubt the timing is conspicuous, as NL-1331E just began a new mission across Europe and the NIA has always been deeply involved in this project...

And there’s something else... Some have suggested that there is another secret agenda behind Misty’s Mind Palace. Perhaps that agenda is Misty's own -- or perhaps it's the hungry eyes of people like Akira Tsukasa... those eyes light up when they see things like 'using Anomalies to summon Exogenous Intelligences' and 'interface with the Exogenous inside a mental construct.' Those eyes see opportunities everywhere. Me... I see the threats, too.

Will share anything I learn and would appreciate it if you all would do the same.

I will capture what I can for Nomad and will broadcast from the location whenever I am able.

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I participated in the Remote Participation Event at Camp Navarro. It was an experience that changed everyone who took part. A number of strange occurrences, that seemed beyond the realm of pure coincidence, were revealed.

The Portal Luminance Projects, each powered by their own Tecthulhu modules, added further fuel to that fire.

I left Northern California convinced that something profound had happened. And that this was just the beginning.

I was right. Like the Darsana Point, a rubicon has been reached and is in danger of being breached.

Misty Hannah intends to use the XM Anomalies to lure an exogenous intelligence into her mind palace. A Shaper? A N'zeer? Something else? I don't know. I don't even know if these intelligences can even be quantified this way. And I don't understand what she intends to do once this intelligence is contained inside this complex thought system she has constructed. Speak? Harm? Study?

Until now, our interactions with these intelligences have been via the Ordered Data Patterns in XM or other transdimensional methods such as Anomalous Zones.

Now, we are entering new territory, and I fail to understand why Misty is blazing towards this horizon with such wanton disregard.

Something I had long been considering to be part of increased XM activity is the concept of hyper-threading, of time existing along multiple paths.

I know that Misty has Remote Viewed and Remote Participated in many realities. The question is, what did she see there that has caused her to act like this?

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I’ve long believed in 'Power Spots.' In fact, some of my earliest work into the subject, before Niantic and Ingress, dealt specifically with how ancient peoples chose the locations for their most sacred structures and art through the influence of a power they couldn’t understand. Or resist.

We now know that that was the Exogenous. Shapers, N'zeer, we've come up with names to define them and compartmentalize their impact on our world, but I doubt our list will ever be complete.

But what of Dark XM? Were the locations where this rare substance has existed places that the Exogenous avoided?

At the moment, it is just a theory, but it would explain why certain areas seem to repulse activity, rather than attract it. If so, why? Much to learn...

The ancient people of Australia may have been some of the first people to experience Dark XM. It is logical to conclude that they encountered it during their thousands of years exploring the outback. If so, then there may be information here to uncover.

As for Misty, I think she is attempting to do something much more reckless than I had initially believed.

A theory that has been floated in the past is that Anomalies and heightened XM activity may in fact draw Exogenous Intelligences closer to our reality -- perhaps even allowing them to temporarily enter our dimensional node.

Has Misty been preparing her mind palace to enable her to interface with such an intelligence directly?

Is she hoping to, as Devra would put it, establish dialtone?

If so, it's likely she intends to use the Ingress Anomalies to fuel this goal...

I cannot overstate my concern about this. Nor can I understand why she would choose to do something so reckless.

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Some Investigators asked me why I believe Misty's journey to Australia might involve Dark XM.

There's a reason they took Devra to die there -- deep in the Australian desert.

Read Felicia Hajra-Lee's retelling of the events if you don't believe me.

Following her attack on Catherine Fan at Hulong HQ, an attack that leveraged weaponized Dark XM by the way, they (literally) shipped Devra to Australia.

Hubert Farlowe, through methods only he knows, followed her. And together, they were ambushed by Smith’s men at one of the only known operating Dark XM mines in the world. Far from civilization. Hidden deep in the desert.

Devra and Farlowe survived, but Devra hasn’t been the same since. Whatever the influence of Dark XM on Devra, it has been undeniable.

This is another reason I’m making this journey. If the ongoing threats to the Portal Network, and perhaps to ORW, are Dark XM related, then it makes sense to be near one of the few known sources

This is a path I don't tread without trepidation. My last experiences with Dark XM, though distanced by the false comfort of Remote Participation, have left me forever changed.

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Following #13MAGNUSReawakens in Navarro, I was keenly aware that the world -- perhaps the many worlds -- were entering a period of change...

From the reorganization of the Niantic MAGNUS in ORW, to the forming of new Magnuses (created by Agents during the Remote Participation Exercises) I knew something more was happening.

It reminded me of Darsana, and the way we discovered that the N’zeer were entering into our world.

And now, I’m become convinced that things may be coming to a head. That's why I’m going to Australia.

I believe that +Misty Hannah recently traveled to the continent. Maybe she's still there. If I’ve learned anything about Misty, it's that she's got a talent for getting places and being places. Sometimes multiple places at once.

Her recent show and appearances all are hinting at something important regarding the concept of her "mind palace".

Usually the places and spaces that form our lives are considered loci for creating memory journeys -- simple mnemonic devices to enhance the way our brain works -- that's the essence of a mind palace in a nutshell. But I think for Misty it's something more.

I’m also worried that Dark XM or some other dangerous force sits at the heart of whatever she's after. If that's true, the Anomalies are at the center of it all.

Whatever she's doing, there could be consequences. And those consequences could be far reaching. Nobody knows this more than I do. I remember #Helios. I remember #Darsana.

All this makes me wonder: Could this trickster finally be showing us her true nature?

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Obviously, as host of Nomad and a global wanderer myself, I can't advise others against adventuring, but I do advise those who are tempted to engage in this, or are in fact already engaging in it, to prepare and equip yourself as you would for an ORW (Our Real World) journey when engaging in Remote Participation Exercises. They are, indeed, similar to Anomalous Zones...

I have little specific advice, but will be gathering more. For now, all I have are observations.

Always be aware of how long your 'insertion period' is in an Anomalous Zone, and where your escape portal to the your real world is. Do not find yourself trapped. Part of you will remain there until reconnected. So not leave a fellow agent behind. In other words, ingress carefully, orient, observe and egress on schedule.

Exercise extreme caution to observe but remain mindful of the change you may cause in an Anomalous Zone. There is value in being invisible. We have no idea how events in an AZ might affect things in other layers of reality. Your actions can have consequences, and you may not always be able to know what those consequences are...

I am developing a theory that there is a relation between mind palaces and things that manifest in ORW. Just as the Scanner tools and weapons we have were planted in Jarvis and Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s minds, when we create mind palaces, our ideas might interface with other Dimensional Nodes -- to unknown effect.

I am developing a theory that many structures in ORW are physical manifestations of mind palaces from other places. I have not yet acquired adequate evidence to offer as proof of this, but I do believe it. If you come upon evidence of this, please notify me.

I am endeavoring to build my own mind palace... It has come to my attention that there are tracts on how to do this and I ask your assistance in helping me collect any that come your way.

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I don’t know exactly how or why the Remote Participation Documents were released -- whether it was Misty, Tycho or some Exogenous Entity or an accidental chain of events, but I do know that like many other important breakthroughs, these are both powerful and dangerous.

While I understand that Remote Participation might appear to be very much like a Role-Playing Game (RPG) -- much like the many I have enjoyed over the years, there is a difference. An important one... Remote Participation might have real world ramifications. I strongly advise agents to exercise extreme caution. In fact, it could even be a possibility that our Dimensional Node -- What we consider 'Our Real World' -- might be the result of Remote Participation Experiments by Exogenous Entities.

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Jahan and I took inventory. I suspect she was only showing me the parts of her collection that she knew I was already aware of. She's far too clever...

I saw many things, she explained few of them. Prime Objects, ancient texts (words have powers far beyond language, but we always knew that, too).

In the end, it seems that the Remote Intrusive Penetration (RIP) Team was not successful, but that does not mean that they will always fail. We discussed new ways of hiding prime objects and deterring their theft. We realize that we are entering into a new and particularly dangerous era. In some ways, the two role these two ancient families have played is more important than ever before.

In between, we ate -- those complex curries the subcontinent is so famous for. Maybe it was just the moment. Maybe it was her or the place. But I realized that recipes are really potions. The heat and fragrances awaken dormant sensory possibilities.

I remember my recent time with her in a blurry montage and it is hard to separate it into discrete events or place a normal chronology to it. As we stood looking at an ancient zodiac-like calendar (which had 13 months), I saw in it the Archetypes.

According to that calendar, we are in the Season of the Trickster -- evoking all of the Trickster's manifestations from Loki to the Coyote to Puck. My mind travelled back to Niantic, the Tiki Bar, with it's horrific masks, and Misty.

Jahan prophesied that Misty would return in the time of the Trickster. But which Misty? And what demons will follow her this time?

And there was another strange thing. Jahan suggested to me that Jarvis is still very much with us, but in a new form. It was not clear to her what form, but we both share a similar suspicion, which I will not record here.

Time is cycling around again. Five Years. Half a decade. My journey now is to return to the five places shown in Tycho’s original posters presented at what I now know to be the San Diego Anomaly at Comic-Con 2012. His visions of distant times were something more than just visions. They were presences.

A cycle is completing. I will report more. I will record what I can. I have no illusions that this will be a safe journey. I am quite sure that what is known to me is known to others with darker intentions.

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What I saw at Jahan's place has caused me to view statues, public art and even architecture in a very different way.

Where I used to believe they were inert objects, I now believe that they serve a much deeper purpose. They are like 'icons' or 'avatars' for a very different reality and energy. For instance, the statue of a warrior, in fact, is an avatar for a real exogenous warrior which has the potential to manifest under the right circumstances. That is to say that exogenous entities have always been amongst us, hidden in plain sight, inert, but waiting to be brought to life -- if 'life' is indeed the right word...

In some ways, this comes as a great surprise to me. In other ways, I knew it all along. Why else has every culture in the history of mankind fashioned strange fantastical guardians, from primitive masks to ornate statues?

They are vessels.
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