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*Own your own piece of Titanic history.

If you're into your history as much as I am then you may want to check out a new collection we've launched at +Vision Support Services. Our Titanic collection features replica Titanic table linen that's as close to the original table linen supplied to the RMS Titanic as possible. Liddell was a supplier to the Titanic, so we wanted to commemorate that as part of Liddell's 150-year celebrations.

I've had a look at this linen in person and it's of excellent quality. Plus, it comes in a brilliantly designed presentation box. You can now buy it online at the Vision Shop.

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Hire a Buddhist priest on Amazon.

In its continued bid to be the marketplace for pretty much anything, Amazon Japan is offering a 'Buddhist priest delivery' service (known as obosan-bin in Japan). The priest will come to your home to deliver a memorial ceremony for a departed family member.

While the new business venture is drawing condemnation from Buddhist leaders, the priests and their supporters say they are making religion accessible to millions of people in Japan who have become distant to religion.

In an Internet-powered gig-economy, is this a progressive idea? What do you think?

#WeirdWorld #WeirdNews #Japan #Religion #Buddhism

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The 150 history of an Irish brand.

To celebrate +Liddell International reaching its 150th anniversary, it put together this video that traces the history of a brand that's older than some of the biggest in the world (including Coca Cola, Heinz, Kellogg's and Ford).

From becoming established as a linen company in 1866, spreading out from its Donaghcloney base to offices around the world by 1908, supplying luxury linen to the ill-fated Titanic and now kitting out some of the finest hotels in the world - this is a brand that's managed to survive some big changes.

It's now part of +Vision Support Services, a global textile company.


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Top UK travel bloggers share their tips for the most stylish hotels and restaurants in the UK.

I recently asked some of the biggest travel bloggers in the UK for their tips on stylish UK hotels and restaurants for a blog post at +Hilden Linens.

It was part of the #HildenStyleAwards, an annual awards that looks for the best independent hotels, restaurants and care homes in the UK. You can find out more about it here:

#Travel #TravelTuesday

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In remembrance of Jo Cox MP

Today, on what what would have been her birthday, we’d like to honour and remember Jo Cox MP, who dedicated her life to the belief that there is more that unites us than divides us. Help honour Jo by making a donation to her memorial fund:


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Russia's Closed Cities.

During the Soviet era there were many closed cities dotted around the massive Russian landmass. These were administrative areas that were closed to foreigners and even regular Russian citizens. They didn't appear on maps and transport links would stop before they reached the area. In some cases citizens could get permission to visit from someone who lived in one of the closed cities, but this wasn't always possible - even if that person was a family member!

But why were these cities closed? They were centered around sensitive military, industrial and scientific areas that the government wanted to keep under wraps. For example, nuclear power plants or weapons factories which would be the main form of employment for the cities residents.

Today, many of the closed cities have been opened up to regular citizens and even foreign investors, but 44 publically acknowledged closed cities still exist; with an estimated total of 1.5 million residents. It is suspected that at least 15 other closed cities exist that haven't yet been publically acknowledged by the Russian government.

#WeirdWorld #Russia #Secrets #Conspiracies 

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Dinner for one.

There's something strangely satisfying about watching a human/dog hybrid eat dinner.

#WeirdWorld #WeirdVideos #Dogs #FunnyVideos

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Coca-Cola once ordered guns branded with its logo.

This isn't something you see every day. The brand that has the slogan 'open happiness' once put in an order for 2,500 Winchester rifles. The order, made in 1986, was cancelled before production was complete. As such, less than 2,000 were actually made.

Coca-Cola would later distribute those that were made to executives and employees, but the VP that made the initial order was allegedly fired (not with the gun, thankfully) as a higher executive realised it may tar Coca-Cola's image.

Today, their rarity makes them a valuable find.

#CocaCola #WeirdWorld #Guns

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Ever wanted to live in a nuclear bunker?

If you've ever wanted to own a nuclear bunker, you now have the opportunity. An underground bunker in Ballymena, Northern Ireland is now up for sale, with an asking price of £575,000. It was constructed in 1987 during the Cold War.

It contains kitchen facilities, dormitories, meeting and decontamination rooms as well as numerous artefacts from the era it was built. See photographs inside the bunker by following the link.

#WeirdWorld #Nuclear #Ireland

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The Complete Urine Drinkers Cocktail Guide.

So apparently some people like drinking urine for its alleged health benefits. There's no evidence to say it actually does anything helpful, but that won't stop people doing what they've been doing for hundreds of years.

+Plumbworld (and me!) has created a tongue firmly in cheek guide for those who want to drink their urine with a bit of flavour. Our Complete Urine Cocktails Guide features 25 recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails; including Golden Shower and Long Island Iced Pee. There's also a video of the latter being made!

Now who's up for a refreshing drink of urine?

#WeirdWorld #Urine #Cocktails #Food
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