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Donnie Bryant
Helping you connect with your "should-be" clients
Helping you connect with your "should-be" clients

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What If I Just Gave You the Magic Words?

There are a few tried and true subject line formats that consistently work well.

"How to" is a prime example. "How to write better subject lines." "How to get six-pack abs."

It's pretty straightforward. You're telling the reader exactly what benefit he'll get by reading your email.

But what if there was something even more compelling than "how to"?

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Personal-sounding emails that turn out to be marketing messages may increase open rates -- especially the first few times you use them. But you're not really fooling people, at least not for long.

Here's a way to boost open rates, CTR and conversions without resorting to any fake personal emails. Via +Email Copy Boss

#EmailMarketing #Copywriting

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Mark Ford and Bill Bonner (who have produced over a billion dollars in their businesses) are examining their marketing campaigns and comparing the “winners” and “losers”.

When looking at the headlines, here’s what they find.
The headlines of the winning campaigns ALL have 4 things in common...

Find out what they are >>

#EmailMarketing #Copywriting

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Other than "Welcome, here's your freebie" emails, you'll almost always have more non-openers than openers.

And you (everyone) has a small core of "heavy users" who open, click, buy far more frequently than others.


You can often get a vastly different result by taking a vastly different approach. Here are a few ideas to try..."

#EmailMarketing #Copywriting #SplitTesting

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This "blinged-out bite of sugary heaven" is intrinsically valuable. Gold has been selling over $1,250/ounce all week. One of the ingredients is Cristal champagne, which goes for $150 per bottle. Plus, it takes the chef 90 minutes to make a single doughnut.


The monetary value of the pastry is destroyed by digestion. So what's really being sold here?

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#Business #Marketing

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Some people say knowledge is power.

Some people say applied knowledge is power.

Some people are wrong.

Some people will disagree. That's okay. Einstein agrees with me.

Knowledge IS power.

The reason we think it's not sometimes is because we mistake information for knowledge.

We mistake information for knowledge.

Words on a screen, in a book, or in your ear, are just information.

Knowledge is what you gain after doing what you learn from the information.

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What do do when you don't feel like writing.

2 action steps guaranteed to blast you right through writer's matter how terminal it feels.

Plus, a video with 3 not-so-secret tips for writing faster.


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Did you pay attention to the U.S. Presidential Campaign in 2016?

Did Donald Trump ruffle some people’s feathers? Did he say what was on his mind? (and what was on other people’s minds?)

Did he piss some people off? (and make some people happy?)

Did he win the election?

I’m not saying you have to be like President Trump. But if you want to Write Emails That Make Sales, you have to...

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