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Establish Effective School-Home Classroom Communications
As a teacher you have plenty on your plate. I get it.   That’s why it can be tempting (or even
unintentional) to let general classroom communication with parents slide off
the priority list.   That is a mistake and
I will tell you why.   You want parents to...

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Roll Some Creative Writing Fun!
When it is writing time, do your kids complain that they can't think of anything to write about?  Let me solve this problem for you right now.  Roll-a-story!  This concept is simple but so much fun for the kids. HOW DOES IT WORK? You need one single die to ...

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How to Edit an Editable PDF
I recently created an editable PDF resource.  I must say, it went quite smoothly. Yay! My favorite proofreader (AKA my husband) was asking me some questions about how certain things would work for the users of the document such as, "What if they want to cha...

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Avoid the Summer Slide!
I am proud to announce that I am a contributing writer for the Playdough to Plato web site.  It is a great resource for teachers and parents with tons of ideas and free printables. Check out my first post for tips on how to avoid the summer slide .  It's re...

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Writing Fractured Fairy Tales
Fractured fairy tales take the traditional fairy tales that you know and
change them. Elements such as the characters, setting, point of view
or plot might be changed. For example, a fractured version of Three Little Pigs has a wolf who is
just misunder...

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The Importance of Reading at Home
Do you
think back to your childhood with fond memories of your favorite books? I
certainly do.   My mom tells me when I was
very young that I could not get enough of Green
Eggs and Ham . I was saying all the words along with her as she read, even
before I c...

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Tips for Creating a Literacy Rich Classroom!
Exposing students to the written word is a key component to
promoting literacy at a young age.  Unfortunately, many children are not
introduced to a widely varied vocabulary at home in either verbal or written
format.   Therefore, it is incredibly

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Dogo News Kid friendly articles covering current events organized in categories
like science, social studies, sports, entertainment, etc.   Set up great for teachers. Click on an
article.   Then, underneath the title
click on the CCSS button.   There it giv...

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Super Sleuth: Non-fiction Text Detectives
Ten original super sleuth non-fiction text passages with who/what/when/where/why questions. To prove basic comprehension skills, students read short passages then underline where they found their answers using color crayons as indicated. Somehow using colo...
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