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I was recently listening to an audio book that talked about all the ways we deceive ourselves without realizing it. One of the chapters was about a type of self-fulfilling prophecy where if you think something will happen, you may unconsciously make it happen through your actions or inaction.

For example, a radio station announces that a natural disaster is coming, and tells its listeners that there will be a shortage of toilet paper at the local supermarkets. Upon hearing this, the entire town flocks to the local super-market, buys all the toilet paper that’s stocked on the shelves, and as a result, the store runs out. It may not have actually happened if the radio announcer hadn't warned listeners to stockpile on TP, but may have in fact caused the very prediction they were expecting. But nevertheless, what he claimed would happen, happened.

Do you think we do something similar with prophetic words people give?

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The second half of my skype call with David Edwards a few months ago is finally online.
In this episode we discussed Preterism and Futurism, which basically are diametrically opposed worldviews when it comes to end-times theology, and how each one shapes your outlook in obvious ways.

I explain in the introduction why it took so long for this episode to get published, as well as update a bit on things.

Why does this topic matter? Or I should ask, why does the temple destruction in 70 AD matter to Christians in 2016?


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I wasn't actually on this episode of the podcast. By the time we were going to record on Wednesday night, I could not be a part of it due to laryngitis which I'm still recovering from.

It was too bad too, because I was finally going to be able to talk with political aficionado William Collier. I recently got him and James Edwards in touch through Facebook thinking this would be a good conversation and what WOTW is going for, and when the opportunity to record together finally came up, I was out for the count. Boo!

Maybe there will be a next time though, because I listened to this conversation and it was great. I think the show is really hitting its stride.

On this episode, James Edwards, Travis Brown and William Collier talk about 9/11 and the changes we've seen in the world ever since, as well as Hillary Clinton's health issues and other things related to this current election, like why William is convinced Donald Trump is going to be win and become the next president. And there's plenty of mocking me and the frog in my throat affectionately nicknamed Pepe Poutine.

This is a Serious Podcast with Pepe Poutine | Warriors On The Wall
Listen here

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This week I talk with fellow author Michael King, author of the books Gemstones From Heaven, Feathers From Heaven, and The Gamer's Guide to the Kingdom of God. As you can probably guess, we talked about the subject matter of those first two books, and it was a VERY interesting conversation -- to say the least!

Topics covered:
-What is the purpose of gemstones?
-How does Michael answer critics and skeptics?
-Job and his friends
-Divine healing
-Signs and wonders in general
-God doing things outside of our box, or things God does that we don't know "the full picture" of.

Gemstones and Angel Feathers From Heaven | Podcast with Michael King

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One of the most controversial and, sadly, most misunderstood gifts of the Holy Spirit is praying in tongues. But if you can get the revelation, it will change your life forever. Check out this article by Larry Sparks, a recent guest we had on the Fire On Your Head Podcast
5 Ways That Praying in Tongues Will Change Your Life Forever | Larry Sparks

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We all have God-given potential. We all have our own challenges and distractions.
If you want to do it, you will.
Nobody else is stopping you but you.

A Call To Mediocrity & The Blame Game

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Greetings friends,

This week there's no episode of my podcast, but here’s the first of two parts I did on The Warrior’s Cry Podcast, which I mentioned recently I had recorded. The host, James Edwards decided to split the interview in two and this week we discussed a bit of what I’m doing in Peru as well as unity among believers in both ministry and in our lives.

Head on over to iTunes or your favorite podcatcher to listen to the show, and if you like what James is doing, make sure to subscribe.


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I originally wrote this over five years ago. I've since changed my views a bit on wine. For a full disclaimer, now and then I do drink some fermented Kool-Aid for blood pressure reasons, unlike when I first wrote this post. I admit that's probably a dumb thing to admit on social media when it's such a controversial topic people have strong opinions about. But let me tell you, it's much easier to defend moderation with Scripture than it is to defend total abstention.

Either way, check out this post on sipping saints:
Christians and Alcohol -- Thoughts & Opinion on the Miracle At Cana

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How come so many Christians are risk averse, and don't like to step out of their comfort zone? They seem to hear God say (or not say) exactly what they want Him to rather than just being honest about their decision they made with or without praying about it.
Read on...

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I consider myself a fan of John Bevere's teaching and appreciate his ministry to the Body of Christ. I would love to interview him on the Fire On Your Head podcast sometime if I ever got to.

I came across this particular video of Bevere teaching on speaking in tongues, and I believe it's worth 12 minutes of your time. He elaborates on four different diversities of the gift of speaking in tongues, and how we need to not forbid their use in the correct public manner or the private use of the gift of speaking in tongues for personal edification.


Do Not Forbid Speaking in Tongues | John Bevere
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