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Mercadona's Deliplus and Debian :-)
Great for my younger son while he doesn't wear cloth diapers

Hoy me he llevado una sorpresa al ver que habían cambiado cosas en la forma de actualizar la Raspberry Pi, al hacer un dist-upgrade se instalaba el kernel.
Siempre me había preguntado por que el kernel no se distribuía con la seguridad que aportan las firmas de la distribución y sin embargo se bajaban sin ningún tipo de firma de la red, pues bien, parece que ahora ya no es así, he actualizado a 4.4.9+ sin ningún problema, eso sí, menos mal que se me actualizó y reinició sola porque necesito un initrd (cosas de tener el root en raid1) y el paquete este raro del kernel por lo de ahora no lo genera.
De todas formas.... espero que para Stretch podamos tener una pure Debian para la Pi 3 que me he pillado hace poco :-)

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Increible lo de hacienda con las Ñ.
Sí, me apellido Mantiñán y vivo en Coruña, leñe.
Pues parece que por tanta Ñ no les mola que tribute o algo :-(

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Hoy hemos estado probando nuevos sabores en el nuevo local de la Heladería Puerta Real. Ñam.... que buenos que están... me los comería todos.

Periscope using http port for NON http traffic and they don't mind.

I have asked the periscope guys about their ussage of port 80 for a traffic that is not http and how this is breaking periscope on caching network.

The answer they have sent me means that they don't mind the network at all, they don't care about IANA or whatever :-(

This is what they have told me:

Thank you for your patience. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble accessing the app due to the catching proxy. We cannot move to another port. Hopefully users can access the app via data or another wifi source.

And I say:
Thank you very much for breaking the Internet, that's what standards are for. And they say people cares about neutrality and things like that X-)

Periscope using wrong protocol or wrong port :'-(

Today I tried to solve a problem with people not being able to use periscope from our wifi network, however I ended up discovering that the @twitter guys in charge of @periscope are trying to send their video broadcasts through the http port (port 80 clearly assigned by the IANA) with a protocol that isn't http at all.

Why the hell do the @periscopecode guys want to break the Internet this way, is it that we are running out of free ports for they to use and they had no choice other than port 80?

I really can't belive this things still happen these days :-(

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Como estaban las pizzas de hoy... ñam.
La calzzone con jamón, rulo de cabra, cebolla caramelizada, tomate y queso... dpm.

Android 5 not working with app passwords?

I have a tablet which I had setup on 4.4 with an app password, but after upgrading it to Android 5 I found that on all new accounts I had to enter the real password and then I was asked for the typical code, the app password wouldn't work, and the error message is not clear at all.

Isn't there a way to continue using app passwords on modern Android devices (Android 5 or later)?

I'm looking for this because with app passwords I can change my password without needing to change it on the devices, however now I have just changed my password and the tablet just can't login.

If I want to revoke any of my app passwords I can do it one by one, why is google not allowing me to use the tablet with an app password?

Today I tried again to find a new rom for our Samsung Galaxy Core 4G, one of this devices that Samsung likes to sell and forget about its users, or wait, doesn't this apply to all Samsung devices?

Anyway, googling for a newer rom I arrived to which is obviously a fake page from which nobody should try to download anything.

And then you read about google and samsung giving monthly security updates. This kind of things really make me laugh, crying is not deserved at all by this kind of companies that forget about their users.
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