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Lululemon upload 4/1
I love it and I bought everything uploaded- especially the bikinis. April fools. It seemed like a small upload to me and there really wan't anything that I absolutely had to have. I'm disappointed about the forthright 1/2 zip not showing up again in springy...

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Lululemon black savasana camo CRB fail :(
I was so excited to get this CRB. I tried on the green camo forme jacket a while ago and thought it was just a little too army for me, so this seemed like the perfect solution. I returned it this morning because the pattern was so, so subtle that it actuall...

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Lululemon upload 3/25
Nothing for me last night! I was hoping for the forthright 1/2 zip, but oh well. I do like the dots in the groovy run shorts.  What's interesting is that last week I picked up the antidote energy bra at a store, but it wasn't included in the upload. I thoug...

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Lululemon antidote energy bra part 2
Okay, the new sizing energy bra is basically a size up, at least for me. The new 6 fits like the old 4, except it seems quite tight in the band. I don't know if this is something that will give a little in time, but regardless it is wearable. Does anyone kn...

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The next sneaker to try is....?
Drumroll please....The New Balance Foam 980. As you know, I have major sneaker drama- bunion surgery 10 years ago, orthotics, fat, wide feet, the list goes on. As a result, I am super obsessed with finding the right sneaker for my foot. Often my feet hurt d...

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Thank you Lululemon!
I received a $25 card this morning. What a costly blunder, yeah? But I think it is being handled well, so at least there is that. They could use some positive press for a change. I'm loving Calvin Harris "Summer." It is playing on my computer as I type. Wha...

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Lululemon Energy bra sizing issues?
I had read somewhere about this and now I totally believe it. I have often complained about an energy bra that I bought in size 4 and that I could barely fit into it. I have been wearing a 4 since they released the energy bras and I have it way too many col...

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DOMS, DOMS, DOMS, DOMS, DOMS (to star wars soundtrack)
Okay, I still have delayed onset muscle soreness. I know the Star Wars melody really goes better with just DOM, but hey it is the first day of spring and I think I am slap happy and not making much sense. It is a balmy 44 out, and I walked from the gym to m...

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Where is the love? I mean, where is the Lululemon forthright 1/2 zip?
 I am waiting! It has 26 reviews and is a five star item. How can Lululemon not be making more of these? How is it cost effective to only make a few of a certain run? I understand the special editions and capsule runs, but this seems like a no brainer. Anyw...

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Lululemon to work
Favorite thing to wear to work? Lululemon studio pants and a gap vee neck tee shirt. I look like I am ready for summer, but the rooms that I teach in are hot and cold, so I also wear a lululemon hoodie. I'm so comfortable and it is almost like being in paja...
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