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Jackson Lassen (#2 Space Daddy)
I'm in the mood for some scrambled eggs. I don't have a fucking clue why.
I'm in the mood for some scrambled eggs. I don't have a fucking clue why.

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Service Time: 31 Years|4 Months|10 Days
Status: Active
Stationed: UNSC Helen of Troy
File Last Updated: September 17, 2568/ 20:13

Notable Updates:
09/17/68 | 20:13 ¬Ľ Aesthetic change in Armor Color Configuration
08/15/68 | 14:44 ¬Ľ Retirement Application Approved for 5/7/69

Jackson Moranore Lassen

Alternate Name(s)//

The Cerberus is a mythical creature in Greek Mythology described as a three headed hound that guards the gates of the Underworld. It is often referred to as the "hellhound", which was Jackson's callsign within the Orbital ‚ÄčDrop Shock Troopers. It is tasked with preventing the dead from leaving the Underworld, for as a soldier he sees it as his duty that those who deserve death obtain death.

Service Number://

Gunnery Sergeant (former)


Italian American


Marital Status://



Skin Tone://
Fair, Slightly Tanned

Eye Color://

Hair Color://
Dark Brown


Birth Date://
May 7, 2519

Pirth City, Arcadia
Procyon System

On his upper back, he has a black inked tattoo of an SOEIV with fire in the background. Under the SOEIV are three dog heads (Dobermen to be exact), symbolizing his nickname "The Hellhound". Iconically, a ribbon above the image displays the phrase, "Feet First Into Hell". This tattoo was applied after Jackson had completed his training as an ODST.

On his right bicep, a golden Spartan helmet with a crimson mohawk is displayed over a silver shield. Under the emblem is the word "ARES" printed in red Chiller font, followed by a blackened quote saying, "God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers,".

On his chest is a tattoo of the following verse:

"You shall not act dishonestly in rendering judgement. Show neither partiality to the weak nor deference to the mighty, but judge your fellow men justly. You shall not go about spreading slander among your kinsmen; nor shall you stand by idly while your neighbor's life is at stake. I am the LORD. You shall not bear hatred for your brother in your heart. Though you may have to reprove your fellow man, do not incur sin because of him. Take no revenge and cherish no grudge against your fellow countrymen. You shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD." Leviticus 19:15-18

While almost impossible to see now, there is a trace of a line across Jackson's right eye. This was given to him during an evacuation op on Reach, where he had almost sacrificed his life to save a civilian who was being assaulted by a Jiralhanae. After giving the civilian a chance to flee, the blade of the Brute spiker penetrated his visor and scratched his eye. The wound was minimal, and the Brute was killed by two of Jackson's teammates.

Moving on to more noticeable injuries, Jackson has a long scar along his right leg from bone reconstruction surgeries before being dosed with augmentations. Several plasma burns and bullet entry points decorate his torso.

An arrow is carved into his left knee pad. When proposing to his wife, it was his right knee he fell on.

Medical Conditions

Health Status://

Mental Status://

Blood Type://

7'2" without armor
7'5" with armor

284 lbs

Body Description://
Before receiving his Spartan augmentations, he was already quite muscular. His most defined muscles are his biceps, pectorals, and abdominals, which he takes great effort in maintaining. He was abnormally tall for his age before receiving augmentations.


Toluenesulfonamide Formaldehyde (Toluidine), commonly found in nail polish


United Nations Space Command

Marine Corps (former)
17th Marine Regiment (former)
105th Shock Troops Division (former)
22nd Shock Troops Battalion (former)
Delta-4 Unit (former)

Marine Reserve (former)

Spartan Operations
Fireteam Ares (former)

Anastasia Lassen
Jackson's wife and a mother of their 6 children. Ana was born in Eztergom, Reach, and moved to New Alexandria at the age of 4. Her grandparents came from Virginia, USA on Earth, her slightly southern-sounding accent easily noticeable. She met Jackson in 6th grade at the age of 11, and was married on October 27, 2543, weeks after her college graduation. She currently lives in the Manhattan borough of New York, her current occupation being a NYPD Detective. She is concurrently coaching a High School volleyball team.

Adam Lassen
Adam was born in Avalon, Arcadia during the late 25th century. At the age of 26, he joined the UNSC Academy of the North Star and made his way up to a Second Lieutenant aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire. After the attack on Arcadia in 2531, he was listed KIA by UNSC officials at 49 years of age.

Meagan Lassen
Meagan had a sweet and gentle heart. In her younger days, she enjoyed gymnastics as her hobby and to could still do a cartwheel in her later years. Medically unadvised, she still persisted on continuing this activity to an extent. She was a mother of 2, and unfortunately passed at the age of 88 in Miami, Earth.

Jonathan Lassen
Jonathan is Jackson's younger brother by 2 years. Instead of joining the UNSC, he kept care of his mother and attended college, graduating with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. He now runs an IT company, which had an establishment in Kairoh, Trost.

David Moranore
Jackson's cousin, equal in age. He joined the UNSC along with Jackson and his brother Jeffery. Serves as an ODST Sergeant in charge of the Hotel-49 unit, and stationed on Mars with his brother.

Jeffery Moranore
Jackson's older cousin by one year. He enlisted into the UNSC with Jackson and his brother David. ODST Corporal and a skilled sniper in the Hotel-49 unit.

Joshua Moranore
Jackson's younger cousin by 7 years, younger brother of David and Jeffery. He currently runs a pizzeria in Manhattan.

Jacob Lassen
Jackson's first son and eldest child overall. Jacob is currently 22 years of age and a skilled Marine sniper for an ODST Corporal. Jacob's first engagement was on Trost, alongside his father. After its abandoning in November of 2564, he was reassigned to Hardscrabble to counter recent Inssurectionist activity. It was here where he was recommended for Pathfinder training. Following such events, he has been placed into Fireteam Currahee in the Lambda Rho system.

Sydney Lassen
Jackson's oldest of his triplet daughters. 20 years old and a junior at Columbia University. She plays varsity volleyball and track, as well as lead the children's choir in her local church. She aims to acheive a major in literature.

Carson Lassen
The second of oldest of Jackson's triplet daughters. She too is 20 years of age and attends Cornell University for a major in physical science. Regarding extracurricular activities, she does chess and competitive video games. She is also a Dungeon Master and competitive player of Magic: The Gathering for her local card store.

Harper Lassen
The youngest of Jackson's triplet daughters. She is 20 years old and the family's resident party animal. She attends the City College of New York and is studying for a major in art.

Desmond Lassen
One of Jackson's younger twins, Desmond is 18 years old as of January 4, 2568. He goes by the name "Dez" commonly. He is a freshman at Columbia University, and one of the only males of his family to not have enlisted.

Bryanna Lassen
The second of Jackson's twins, Bryanna is 18 years old and called "Bry" by those close to her. She previously had to deal with the struggle of being a paraphelegic, however has been granted the ability to walk again via innovations in biostimulant technology. Through support and scholarships, she is a freshman at Cornell University.

Michael Alvin
Alvin was highly skilled ODST Staff Sergeant, and is one of Jackson's longest running friends in the UNSC. He was born to a farm family in Visegrad, Reach, and joined the UNSC Marine Corps at 18. Formerly the second in command of the Delta-4 unit, a 5-man Fireteam within the ODSTs, he was accepted into the Spartan-IV Program aboard the UNSC Infinity. Loves his Machine Gun named Lucy. The name comes from his 8-year-old daughter who had been killed by a Jiralhanae during the invasion on Reach, which he constantly feels guilty for letting happen. The event triggered his PTSD to an unhealthy level, and he was almost discharged due to his state. Spartan Alvin was the appointed leader of Fireteam Ares, however was forced to have his leadership status removed with Jackson's reinstitution after the loss of Trost. Alvin gladly accepted his former Sergeant, and regained leadership in 2568, following Jackson's transfer to Minerva.

Edward Morrison
A former ODST Sergeant with a hysterical sense of humor, loves his Sniper Rifle, and had a habit of drinking too much. He was born in the colony of Sedra, enlisting at the age of 19. He also served as the team's getaway driver on more tactical ops, given he was always watching the team from afar. Morrison has been a Spartan-IV aboard the UNSC Infinity, holding the role as both a Sniper and comic relief.

Enrique Fernandinez
A highly intelligent former ODST Corporal. Fernandinez served as Delta-4's intelligence gatherer, as he was highly educated with Human and Covenant computer systems. Born on Luna, he enlisted into the Marines at 20. A pivotal asset to Spartan Fireteam Ares.

Anthony Leckerman
A former ODST Corporal rifleman, the latest member of Delta-4. He usually served as Morrison’s spotter until retiring in 2556.

Madsen Downes
A fallen Lance Corporal ODST, the once sixth member of Delta-4. Declared KIA during the battle of Reach.

Christopher Drevis
A fallen Gunnery Sergeant ODST, once the leader of Delta-4. Declared KIA during their tour on Meridian.

Lisa Nueman
The pilot of Fireteam Ares‚Äô Pelican onboard Infinity, nicknamed the ‚ÄúWar's Master‚ÄĚ. Former Senior Airman Nueman assisted Jackson and his team ever since his days as a Marine. Even when Delta-4 went on to become ODSTs, she would rally them up to return them to their designated ship. To this day, she is still their Pelican pilot stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity carrying the same team to the heat of the battlefield. Her service records proved her eligible for Spartan-IV augmentations, despite her M.O.S. She is the first female teammate Jackson has worked with in a fireteam.

Cody Yorke
Cody Yorke knew Jackson ever since he arrived on Reach from the fall of Arcadia. After Jackson had been acquainted with Anna, Cody grew jealous towards him and even expressed it visually. The two never came on like terms and often quarreled. After Anna had shown her favor toward Jackson, he joined the Reach Insurgency to oppose the UNSC, and more specifically to oppose Jackson. He has been declared MIA for nearly two decades.

Mason Holmes
Once a Lance Corporal who served under the command of Sergeant Jackson Lassen, he turned rogue as he faked his own death to his team during the battle of Reach and was declared MIA. He has now joined the Insurrectionist cause.

During Ana and Jackson's first Christmas together, he gave his girlfriend a Dalmatian puppy. He immediately named the dog "Spotty" after a stuffed animal he had lost on Arcadia. Sadly, he passed while Jackson was serving out his Meridian tour.

Despite his team's popularity onboard the UNSC Tendency, there was a time when Fireteam Ares didn't just consist of humans. The German Shepherd served alongside the team on rescue and reconnaissance operations, even through the battle of Reach. He truly was a man's best friend, and passed in 2554.

Before setting off for his tour on Trost, Jackson had adopted a Maltese Husky and gifted it to his daughters. The dog's name has two sources. One being the black fur on his face appears like a vigilante's mask, and that the one who gave them the puppy was a hero in their eyes. Since then, Hero has grown immensely, and lives with Harper.

The newest addition to the Lassen family, Yepper is a Gold Retreiver puppy that Jackson's daughter Carson earned for having straight A's her entire freshman year of high school. She still lives with her today.

Psychological Evaluation

Jackson is a very social and talkative person. He finds it necessary to make connections around the UNSC to ensure he can rely on certain people in certain situations, and that they can rely on him in return. He's an honest person and a man of his word. He has also been known to be deeply religious, finding comfort that all his former teammates have been Catholic. He became more involved in his faith as he became a husband, and even more so once he became a father.

One things he misses from his ODST days is the view from a SOEIV drop. He admires being able to take in the environment before his engagement begins, and enjoys the flight even more when required to evade Anti-Air Artillery. Growing up on Pirth, he loves going to the beach. His mother owned a beach house in New Miami, Florida, which has legally been passed down to his brother and wife. His passion for football has yet to die as well. He has played with his kids when on leave and during his time in the Marine Reserves.

Rock music has also been a major part of his life. He makes amazing Italian food, such as his special "Spasagna", a lasagna dish with spaghetti and meatballs. Being a mixologist for 4 years gave him a special taste for drinks, his favorites being Amaretto and Scotch, commonly brewed into a Godfather. He likes Pineapple Juice when around his underaged children. Both he and his wife share a love of strawberries.

The Covenant definitely didn't make Jackson's day, though he hasn't held much of a grudge towards the Sangheili. He has a deep hate for Jiralhanae and Yan'mae. He also doesn't enjoy coffee, often substituting it with hot chocolate or plain water, the former which he only drinks during the holiday season. He has a large distaste for ranch dressing, especially on pizza. He also learned to dislike the taste of orange soda and hot dogs, which he only did to gain his soon-to-be wife's impression during high school.

Narcissistic 2nd Lieutenants are a major pet peeve as well.


Public Image://
In the civilian world, many notice his bulkier build and mistake him as a body builder or athlete of some sort. Those who know him describe him as attentive and always on the lookout to help others.

Faction Image://
Previous reports have detailed his actions as ambitious, but wary regarding his approach. He has been proved to keep a cool head in the heat of firefights and always checks over his men and others'.



"You may never be able to see the walls your limitations build unless you seek to climb beyond them." ~Personal philosophy and family motto.

"I guess you can call me an eye doctor. Look down this barrel and tell me how many flashes you see."

"I ain't a demon. I'm just not dead yet."

Primary Skills://
Use of UNSC firearms
Close Quarters Combat
Mid- to Long-Range Marksmanship_
Hand-to-hand combat
Vehicle Maintenance
Operation of UNSC ground and air vehicles

Secondary Skills://
Using the environment in combat situations
Use of Covenant firearms
Sangheili Swordsmanship
Use of Promethean firearms
Operation of Covenant ground and air vehicles
Civilian Crowd Control

Providing tactics on the field, improvising
Interacting with civilians

Dealing with enemies with superior agility

Combat Action Ribbon
Medal of Honor
Silver Star Medal
Bronze Star Medal
Marine Corps Medal
Legion of Merit Medal
Marine Corps Commendation Medal
Joint Service Achievement Medal
Marine Corps Acheivement Medal
Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal
Trost Campaign Medal
Earth Campaign Medal
Reach Campaign Medal
Meridian Campaign Medal

Other Talents://
Jackson is quite a talented chef, accustomed to preparing meals largely of Italian origin. He attained these skills in high school and continued to develop them on shore leaves. He would occasionally prepare meals for his squad when they‚Äč did not have access to the mess hall, usually for when they were tasked to operate with civilians.

Playing Piano
Jackson started piano lessons at the age of 9 as a much calmer recreational activity. He claims classical music to be his second favorite genre. He has a soft spot for Beethoven and Chopin.

While a lesser hobby, Jackson grew up in a musically inclined family. Many relatives on his mother's side fell in love with karaoke, and he followed suit in his younger days.

Jackson graduated from college during his time in the Reserve, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has spent plenty of time in UNSC garages assisting maintenance crews, and has earned the respect of such personnel.

As a reservist, Jackson took up a bartending job in a Manhattan dive bar called "Grif's". He had already known many recipes, and was claimed to make the best Tequila Sunrises.

One advantage of living in an urban area was the potential of a freerunner. Jackson started parkour and freerunning at the age of 12, which is the most likely cause of his great mobility even before enlisting as a Spartan-IV.

Jackson has also attained a great understanding of literature. He has written countless memoirs of his days in the UNSC, collecting them ever since he was a Private. He hopes to create his own autobiography.

Jackson speaks a variety of languages, as he has great experience in working with civilians. He has history of taking courses in English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog and ASL. He has claimed to currently be learning or has wanted to learn Arabic and Sangheili.


Primary Weapons://
BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle
The BR85 Heavy Barrel Service Rifle, abbreviated BR85HB SR, and more commonly known as the Battle Rifle, is a UNSC infantry selective fire service rifle used primarily in the post-war years. It is a gas-operated, magazine-fed rifle that is extraordinarily effective against infantry energy shielding. It has a magazine size of 36 rounds and fires in three-round bursts.

M395 Designated Marksman Rifle
The M395 Designated Marksman Rifle is an air-cooled, magazine-fed, gas-operated select-fire bullpup rifle that fires 7.62√ó51mm ammunition from a fifteen round detachable box magazine; the weapon's design aesthetics resembles those of the BR55. The weapon has a fire mode selector switch above its grip and a mounted optic with 3x magnification.

Secondary Weapons://
M6H2 Magnum
The M6H Personal Defense Weapon System is a M6 Series-handgun manufactured by Misriah Armory. It is an up-sized Officer's model and has a smart-linked KFA-2 √ó2 scope and an electroless nickel finish. It was adopted as the standard-issue personal sidearm of all branches of the UNSC by 2555.

M20 Personal Defense Weapon
The M20/Personal Defense Weapon (M20/PDW) is the post-Covenant War successor to the M7 SMG. Developed as a response to the Insurrection and the Covenant, the weapon is issued to UNSC vehicle and aircraft crews, security personnel, and Spartans who expect close-quarters combat, and has been adopted by a number of UEG security forces. The M20 is visually similar to its predecessor, though it differs in using a new high-velocity armor-piercing round that increases the amount of kinetic energy imparted to the target, specifically developed to counter the proliferation of military-grade armor among Insurrectionist cells and as a response to Covenant energy shield technology. The weapon uses top-mounted magazines of cased ammunition rather than the side-mounted magazines of caseless ammunition used by the M7. Otherwise, the weapon is very similar, featuring an adjustable grip under the weapon and a telescoping stock which can be retracted, allowing the weapon to be fired one-handed. Although the most commonly issued model features a CQB sight attachment, the weapon also accomodated an array of extended barrels, sound suppressors, laser targeters and recoil stabilizers.

Hydra LMRS
The Multiple Launch Rocket System-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher (MLRS-1 HGL), commonly known simply as the Hydra, is a rapid-fire guided munitions launcher manufactured by Chalybs Defense Solutions used by the United Nations Space Command. It uses gyroscopically stabilized, high-explosive micro-missiles capable of locking onto enemy targets similar to the Covenant's Type-52 Plasma Launcher. The Hydra is capable of killing a fully shielded Spartan-IV with two locked on shots in War Games. The MLRS-1 Hydra Gyroc Launcher is a highly versatile guided missile launcher that can operate in a variety of different environments. The weapon was designed to be effective against both infantry and vehicle targets. The Hydra is designed to be as easy to operate as a conventional rifle, albeit one that fires gyroscopically stabilized High-Explosive Air Bursting (HEAB) micro-missiles from the weapon's six-chamber, revolving cylinder. The Hydra's rockets are capable of homing in on targets, though they require a lock-on before doing so. Highly effective in both close-quarters combat and medium-range engagements, the Hydra can be used in a direct-fire mode though it is most deadly when using a real-time VISR connection to lock-on and guide missiles to the target. The Hydra's sophisticated semi-automatic targeting and tracking system allows the user to target not only individual infantry, but even distinct parts of enemy vehicles to effect a clean and efficient kill.

GEN2 Mjolnir Power Armor
The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor [GEN2] is the second system-wide generation of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. GEN2 introduces many improvements to the suit's core architecture, specifically tailored for use by the Spartan-IV supersoldiers. The production of second generation Mjolnir armor uses a spiral-development model, allowing the United Nations Space Command and its various contracted, corporate partners to create and design armor systems much faster and more efficiently than before.

Biofoam Injectors
Allow for physical injuries to be sealed and repaired without the use of external medical kits.

Energy Shielding
A protective barrier that surrounds the armor and protects the user from harm.

Inner Skinsuit
The inner skinsuit is made of a moisture-absorbing synthetic material linked to an environmental control computer and the occupant's neural interface. It controls the suit's temperature and actively changes how the suit fits the user.

Compact Fusion Reactor
The fusion reactor is the most essential part of the MJOLNIR system, as it provides power to all equipment on the armor‚ÄĒthe reactor is built into the suit and allows for nearly unlimited movement. [GEN2]'s fusion reactor is installed at the back of the torso carapace.

Magnetic Holster Weapon Clips
The MJOLNIR armor features very small, yet powerful magnets placed on the legs, waist, and back of the suit that are used to hold any equipment or any weapons with a magnetic property. The suit also contains a magnet system within its boots that allows its wearer to stay attached to a metal surface in zero gravity environments and can be toggled on or off by the wearer.

Power Supply Control Unit
Manages the power supply of the armor.

The basic input/output system, standard firmware interface of the GEN2 suite.

VISR 4.0
Up to version 4.09, these visor installments are optimized and customized to facilitate specialized tasks. VISR 4.0 is capable of managing a Spartan's disparate sensor feeds, battlenet links, and suit diagnostic messages.

Force-Multiplying Circuits
Allows the user greatly enhanced reflexes and strength, improving mobility and combat effectiveness in close quarters.

Motion Tracker
Shows movement of friendly and enemy units within the system's radius.

Pressure Seal
The pressure seal is a vital component to the MJOLNIR system, it keeps the system airtight, underwater or in space. The seal is very strong and will only break under extreme pressure, such as in a high velocity impact or when the hydrostatic gel has been over pressurized.

Support Upgrades
These customized and specialized upgrades allow combat advantages by modifying the core and periphery systems of GEN2.

Sprint Module
Unlike previous armor systems, Mjolnir GEN2 has a built-in sprint module that allows the user to run at faster speeds by overriding safety protocols. It is functionally similar to the version developed by Kat-B320 of NOBLE Team, which saw widespread deployment across Reach in the planet's final days.

Tactical Packages
These customized and specialized packages allow combat advantages by modifying the core and periphery systems of GEN2.

Titanium Nanocomposite Bodysuit
Sandwiched between the external armor and the internal padding is a thick armored bodysuit. The bodysuit is made of a nonrigid titanium-based material, making it very strong and yet very flexible. The suit has numerous functions, small but vital to the safety and survival of the wearer. It also serves as another layer of protection against ballistics attacks and is coated with a heat-resistant material to disperse heat from plasma weapons. Many components of the GEN2's titanium bodysuit are conspicuously fashioned after the shape of human musculature; this was less prominent in previous Mjolnir generations. In fact, each techsuit is custom-made for the Spartan that wears it. Some models have portions of the bodysuit share their color with the external armor plating, though completely black bodysuits are still common. Certain fireteams or individual operatives are outfitted with customized techsuits that contain a host of undisclosed improvements or modifications to fit particular mission parameters or operator need. These polymuscle exoskeletons cannot be worn by unaugmented personnel, as many of the techsuit's medical and environmental control systems require invasive access to Spartan cybernetic implants. The techsuit is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and constitutes the base of Spartans' service uniform, though it provides limited ability enhancement without access to external power. When paired with the compact fusion reactor and shield generators in a Mjolnir cuirass the full capabilities of the techsuit are unlocked. It contains channels and distribution webbing for regenerative energy shielding and the exoskeleton musculature can operate at full power, further increasing the wearer's agility and raw strength.

Integrated Thruster System
GEN2 suits are equipped with an array of shoulder- and back-mounted thrusters, increasing a Spartan's mobility in the field and presumably in vacuum environments. The system, which was added as part of a series-wide update, partly alleviates the need to use an external thruster unit or jetpack; however, it provides only limited thrust and as such does not fully replace external thrust apparatuses It is still powerful enough to allow the user to hover a few seconds in mid-air when activated in a stabilizing arrangement. Integrated thrusters saw use in combat as early as March 2555.

Auto-Repair and Bypass Nodes
Any damage that the armor plating suffers can be repaired by built-in, triply-redundant subsystems. These systems are receptive to nanomachines facilitating the repair. Additionally, bypass channels allow certain components to function if routing is compromised by extensive damage. Both these systems can fail, resulting in "scarred" armor plating.

HELLJUMPER-Class GEN2 Mjolnir Power Armor
A small number of HELLJUMPER-class prototypes have been commissioned and entered service into the Spartan Branch under a research partnership between the United Nations Space Command and Cascade Stronghold Technologies. The armor is considered to be the pet project of Cascade Stronghold Technologies' current chief executive officer, a former Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. The armor's helmet was initially created for service in the UNSC Marine Corps, though development delays kept it from consideration by the branch. However, only minor modifications were required to make the HELLJUMPER-class armor's helmet fully compatible with [GEN2] Mjolnir armor.

Torpet Data Cluster Installation
The subject is given a specialized neural implant‚ÄĒtaking the form of a torpet data cluster‚ÄĒcapable of interfacing with an artificial intelligence. The neural interface controller extends from the dataport at the base of the skull to the midbrain.

Musculoskeletal Engineering Series
The Spartan's bones are infused with skeletal fullerene lattices, regarded as "tougher than steel", which makes them virtually unbreakable and allows survival in harder impacts. The joints are also reinforced or replaced while the bones are lengthened, making the subject several centimeters taller than they originally were. The reinforcement is necessary as without it, simple actions such as jumping would result in the bones disintegrating due to the strain from the strengthened muscles. The subject's ligaments are reconstructed during the procedures. Muscles are subjected to induced muscular growth and injected with a material that allows them to work harder without breaking the Spartan's skeleton. Subjects also undergo muscle grafting.

Neurological Series
The nervous system is "super-myelinated" to increase the production of myelin sheaths and, therefore, the subject's reaction time. The nervous system is subject to various element treatments, including an increase in cyclic adenosine monophosphate (AMP) responses and the rebuilding of neuroendocrine cells.

Organ Implantation
Aside from the brain, virtually all other organs in the body are either modified in some manner or replaced. Several organs are bio-fabricated, including the lungs. The lungs implanted into the Spartans are bio-fabricated and lined with a STONEWELL pulmonary surfactant; a polymer that enhances oxygen intake and allows the subject to process airborne toxins or foreign gas mixtures. The pancreas is replaced by an apparently unnamed, vat-grown organ. The Spartans also undergo treatments to prevent organ rejection. Corneal implants are provided, improving the subject's eyesight and night vision.

Circulatory and Metabolic Improvement
Subjects undergo numerous circulatory improvements. The heart is implanted with a synthetic, poly thread weave which significantly increases its capacity to pump blood. Chondrocytes are genetically altered to allow for faster clotting. Subject's blood is modified to make the Spartan immune to most toxins. Spartans are also subjected to K5.2 hemo escutcheon, and implanted with circulatory shunts and intelli-fibrin acclimation, likely aiding in the healing of wounds. Intestinal bacteria are altered to enable the digestive system to absorb more nutrients from food. An intestinal bioreactor is also implanted, and the subject is given a gut microbiota refresh.

Gene Therapy
Spartans undergo an extensive gene therapy, which involves the lengthening of the telomeres and increasing the effectiveness of chondrocytes. Subjects are implanted with a handful of tiny, durable biomonitoring implants, one of which is installed near the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae, designed to aid medical teams remotely monitor the Spartan's health and performance. Subjects are also implanted with electronic locators to allow the United Nations Space Command to track each Spartan.

Endcap Augmentation
The Spartan is subjected to hormone-regulation therapies and their bioprofile is archived.

Additional Equipment//
M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenades
8" LHR Combat Knife

Vehicular Maintenance

Soldier Type://

Combat Role://
Spartan Operations


Jackson Lassen was born on May 7, 2519 in Pirth City, Arcadia. His father, Adam Lassen, served in the UNSC Marine Corps on board the UNSC Spirit of Fire as a Second Lieutenant. His mother was a descendant of a noble Italian family, and ran an exquisite Italian restaurant on Arcadia. Because of his father's role in the military, he was inspired to succeed in his school work. He was often looked down upon for his desire to learn, but physically looked intimidating. As a child, he was a large person for his age.

Even with the time to devote to school, he made time for exercise regularly and ate healthy. He had similar interests to young boys, such as football and cars. As a kid, his first dream jobs were a professional football player or a formula one racer; passions he only pursued to an extent.

Up to his 5th grade year, his academic standpoint was phenomenal, until February 9, 2531. The last thing he remembers from home was a looming Covenant vessel over Pirth City's skyscrapers. He had no idea what it was at the time or why it was there. No one did. He managed to escape the Covenant invasion along with his mother, cousins, and younger brother, but that was the last time he saw his dad.
Teenage Years://
After several months in space, his family and friends were moved to New Alexandria, Eposz on Reach. There he continued his civilian life, and was well received by the local police. Eventually, he continued middle school, as well as his outstanding performance in school. Other than his mother, someone else was impressed by his grades. A classmate he had named Anastasia. She had a slightly more superior intellect than Lassen, despite being up to two years younger, but she was amused by how close behind he was. The two first conversed during lunch one day, where everyone would gather around for a game of cards. They rarely had class together, but saw each other frequently when switching classes and in the mornings before the bell rung. They quickly became close friends, and eventually one was never seen without the other. They would ride their bikes to a small wooden bridge in a park outside their school everyday to do their homework, taken the weather was nice. They grew, and soon Jackson fell for her. Because she took up Volleyball (which she had been doing ever since 5th grade), Jackson tried out for the football team every year.

During Freshman year in High School, Lassen joined his Junior Varsity Football team as a fullback. His large build helped him in the role, and helped carry wins when the offensive line got comfortably close to the end zone. His team won 3rd place overall in the county, but a win was a win to them. Ana attended many of Jackson's games, just as he did for her. They grew even closer as jocks, but they knew they wouldn't be able to stay on teams if their grades weren't up to par. The two signed up for the Science National Honor Society, which they would be eligible for as Sophomores. They also joined the school's service group, helping causes all around New Alexandria.

Starting his Sophomore year, he worked at the activity center Anna's mother managed. He received exposure to many people. The young, elderly, disabled, but what mattered to him was that he enjoyed his job for its environment and the people there. He even worked part-time at his mother's new restaurant, but refused to be paid. As a hobby, he took up making Electronic Dance Music in his free time. His friends and family soon discovered this, and after much convincing, he started posting original songs online alongside his remixes of the day's pop music. His recordings went viral, with his most successful songs being "Inspired" and "Skyline". There was alot to handle between now being his Junior Varsity team's quarterback, Honor Society, Service Group, a girlfriend and two jobs.

As a Junior, he once again filled the spot of his Varsity team's quarterback. He joined the UNICEF club, an organization from Earth that aimed to help children everywhere. He would still come to his old Service Group's events and help out, but after-school meetings were a lot for Jackson to handle.

His Senior Year, and his last as a normal civilian, gave him plenty of weight on his shoulders. He juggled Football, Science National Honor Society, Tae Kwan Do, DJing, Piano lessons, and a girlfriend. He graduated from high school with a 3.85 GPA, and was chosen as Prom King that year for the class of 2537. College wise, his family had the money to pay for at least two years during that time. The only problem being, every scholarship he had wanted from every college he was interested in was already taken. In all honesty, he was never huge on attending at all. With not too huge of a financial problem, he and his cousins decided to enlist after graduation.

This had been his plan all along, ever since the day Arcadia fell. He was conflicted by what he had gained in this new life of his, even if it was only for 7 years. He had a great hobby, a job he could only have once in a lifetime, and a woman that made his whole world. The next weeks would set him on the path to either a successful man with a great job and a happy family, or eventually becoming an enhanced super-soldier with hopes of one day being remembered as a hero.

Early Military://
On May 9, 2537, he decided to join the UNSC Marine Corps along with Dave Moranore and Jeff Moranore, his cousins, as he swore he would to honor his father 7 years ago. After enlisting, he was sent to boot camp in the mountains of Reach. There, the boys were trained by Staff Sergeant Bailey. Jackson immediately decided he would rather have his old football coach screaming in his face than her. After graduation, he served the Marine Corps until he was 23 years old.

His first engagement was on the colony of Kholo in 2539. He was serving on Charlie-51, code-name "China" at the time. His first squad consisted of Private Cody Yorke, Staff Sergeant Stoney Barrett, and his cousins. During the battle, Staff Sergeant Barrett was KIA by a Covenant sniper. He and his cousins had snuck around the Jackal wielding their Sergeant's murder weapon, and assassinated it. Before they could call in for exfil, Yorke went AWOL and started firing at his squadmates‚Äč. It was later confirmed he was an Innsurectionist mole. Lassen and his cousins managed to escape, though Yorke was left after being shot in the firefight. As they returned from the city, they were redeployed on a recovery op to rally survivors from the colonies' fallout shelters before the Covenant could have a chance to glass Kholo. His Pelican was shot down by a triage of Covenant Phantoms, but he was able to hold them off with the help of a Spartan-III Fireteam they had recovered.

ODSTs and Wedding Rings://
He was accepted into the Marine Corps Reserves in 2541 aiming to spend more time with Ana back home. He was also accepted into the 22nd Shock Trooper Battalion of the 105th later that year. His training began immediately, and he was sent to the Highland Mountains. For three weeks, to get physically fit, Lassen had endured daily runs, push-ups, and numerous obstacle courses. These obstacle courses included‚Äč training simulations with slush, artificial snow, and live-fire simulated battles. His fellow candidates were trained to crawl for miles through environments with barbed wire, rubble, and destroyed buildings as¬†drill instructors¬†fired rounds mere inches above the trainees' heads.¬†Additionally, Lassen and his fellow candidates practiced‚Äč jumping from high positions to prepare for transorbital drops.

Following the three weeks, the next portion of ODST training was squad tactics, in which teamwork is a priority. Remaining candidates were to don a full set of ODST training gear and were given weapons loaded with Tactical Training Rounds, and were then dropped off at the base of the mountain. During these weeks, he met the first members of Delta-4: Christopher Drevis, Micheal Alvin, Edward Morrison, Juan Fernandinez, Anthony Leckerman, Madsen Downes, and Mason Holmes. As they were all trainees, Lassen was selected by their drill instructor to lead their team. They were then ordered to reach the peak of the mountain. Drill instructors would occasionally shoot trainees in the leg with a pistol loaded with TTRs, which essentially causes paralysis in the leg. Any candidates that were not quick enough to pick up speed were shot in the other leg, forcing them to crawl the rest of the way. This training simulation would be ran several times with added difficulties, such as trainers serving as opponents armed with TTR-loaded weapons. Some trainees would have to serve as distractions to give their peers the opportunity to eliminate their opponents, which Lassen took the liberty of doing as they neared the peak. Eventually, as this drill continued, his teammates started to plan routes and rotate the role of distraction.

After squad tactics, the ODST candidates were given tactical training. The trainees were assembled into fireteams and are then given the same challenges that they had experienced in the squad tactics training; the fireteams work together individually to attempt to reach the peak of the mountain. After the fireteams were individually trained for a period of time, squad tactics was reintegrated back into the candidates' training. Two fireteams worked together to reach the top of the mountain, with each fireteam providing support and suppression against opponents for the other.

On March 23, 2542 Lassen officially became an ODST. Months after graduation, he returned to New Alexandria, where he had not seen his girlfriend, Ana, in years. He had missed Thanksgiving, and yearned to make up for lost time. On Christmas Eve, he suprised her as she was leaving her house for a midnight mass, making that Christmas much more special.

He was given permission to leave up until the first week of January. On New Year's Eve, the couple took a stroll in a local park, where they used to meet after school. As the countdown to the new year commenced, Jackson fell on one knee as the timer hit 20 seconds. The question he asked and the answer he was given would drive the rest of his life. She said "Yes" as fireworks colored the midnight sky, and the two were married on October 27, 2543. Approved for shore leave later that year, Ana and Jackson set off on their honeymoon to the colony of Sundown in the spring of 2544.

His first missions as an ODST were small engagements to reduce the strength of Reach's Innsurection, particularly in Visegrad near large settlements. His first engagement away from Reach was during a tour on Sargasso in September of 2546. He and Delta-4 where deployed to retrieve information on one of ONI's prototype cryotubes, which later was found to have the potential to heal wounded soilders while in cryosleep. The team returned from the research facility almost completely undetected, and further projects for the cryotubes were terminated.

In late 2548, the UNSC Tendency was sent on a 3-year-long tour as a force multiplier for the Meridian campaign in the Hestia System. With Delta's skill set, they had eliminated multiple Covenant firebases and outposts to reduce the spread of control. During this tour their team leader, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Drevis, was declared KIA. In the one and a half years Alpha-93 had been on Meridian, 52 Covenant firebases and 26 outposts were brought down at the hands of the team, with a multitude of confirmed kills to support it. Aboard the UNSC Tendency, they earned the nicknames "Gods of War". This rubbed off to lead to the callsign, "Fireteam Ares". Their wide variety of successfully completed missions, from search and destroy to hostage rescue was awarded with the Medal of Honor to each trooper.

Starting His Family://
3 years after his marriage, on May 27, 2545 he had his first son, Jacob. With Jackson told to return to duty in two weeks, he made the most of his time with his first son, who is now UNSC Marine Corps Scout Sniper and Pathfinder. Before then, Jacob was heavily interested in music. He had started the piano at 7, the guitar at 9, and vocals at 10. Like his father, he made music before entering the military.

3 years after Jacob had been born, on September 3, 2548, he had triplet daughters named Sydney, Carson, and Harper. They were each 7 minutes apart. Sydney had grown to be like her mom, who grew a passion for volleyball before she even knew how to play. When she started going to school, she participated in Basketball and Taekwondo. She always stood up for people, whether she knew them or not, no matter their physical appearance or social status. She also loves to sing and play bass guitar. As she has aged, she now does Track, Volleyball, Taekwondo, and Swimming.

Carson was always the one who loved school, one of her biggest achievements were that she learned how to pronounce, how to spell, and the definition of Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis by the time she was 9 years old. As she grew up, she gained an interest in literature and would write stories about the most random prompts. Nonetheless, they were impressive. She also has labeled herself a proud geek, finding interest in comic books. As a musical interest, she plays the drums and wants to write for a lifestyle magazine when she grows up. Harper, was always very social, and pursued guitar just like her older brother as well as athletics like her eldest sister. She has a passion passion for parties, and is admittedly the most despicable of her siblings.

On January 4, 2551 he had a set of twins named Desmond and Bryanna. Desmond grew up to be a self-proclaimed "ladies' man", and pursued Basketball. He plays as Small Forward on his High School team. His twin sister, Bryanna, was born just like the rest of her siblings. Healthy, happy, and a bright future expected for her. On November 27, 2558, she was victim of a almost-deadly car crash. She suffered neural damage, and has been paraphalegic in her lower body ever since. Social life became a struggle for her, but her family hasn't stopped loving her. Various doctors have made efforts to develop a biostimulant, capable of regifting her the ability to walk before college graduation.

Jackson loved his family, keeping them in his mind as he continued his career into the ODSTs. They moved to wherever his engagements took him to, ensuring they wouldn't be too far away from each other. But when the high points of the Human-Covenant War came, Jackson wasn't on shore leave to Reach anymore. He was deployed.

The Battles of Reach & Earth://
Lassen was a Sergeant at the time he was deployed on August 12, 2552. Fireteam Ares was tasked with assaulting a Covenant invasion force on Szurdok Ridge, Uktozet. Operating in the northern Viery Territory, Delta-4 was tasked with neutralizing Covenant outposts in efforts to halt their control northward. They successfully detonated 4 sites that morning, until a COS-class supercarrier emerged in the skies of Reach.

For 5 days, Delta-4 were sent to New Alexandria to prepare for possible hostile activity. After the conclusion of Operation: UPPERCUT, Jackson and his team were immediately sent to aid in civilian evacuation efforts from the Covenant invasion. They made their way to the New Alexandria Medical Center, where Ana used to work. By the time he had reached the hospital, the Covenant were already ransacking the place.

While defending a landing zone, he got the right side of his face scarred and three broken ribs, yet saved the life of a civilian that would have met a worse fate. The Brute was quickly killed by his squad mates after he had obviously lost a fist fight. After the fall of Reach, Jackson and his family were moved to Earth, settling down in the Manhattan borough of New York. He took R&R to spend time with his family but was quickly put back in duty as the Covenant attacked New Mombasa, the African Mega-City in October of 2552.

As most of the UNSC Navy focused on efforts in Earth's orbital defense, the UNSC Tendency and other ships were tasked with deploying units on the surface to New Mombasa. Delta-4 was sent to the city by Pelican, holding back as much of the Covenant invaders as they could until civilians had evacuated. 3 hours after their initial drop, the CAS Solemn Penance had triggered the slip-space rupture inside the city. The team took cover from the blast, at the cost of their HUDs and weapons being momentarily disabled. After civilians had been evacuated, Delta-4 stayed inside the city to eliminate whatever Covenant forces they could.

After receiving orders to rally at the ONI Alpha Site, Delta-4 utilized a slightly damaged AC-220 Gunship to eliminate heavy artillery around places of interest in the city, especially if they were crawling with Covenant. After completing tasks around the city, Delta-4 arrived at the ONI rally point to see it had been blown up. With nothing left in the city for them, the team returned to the UNSC Tendency by nightfall of October 20.

With little time to waste, Delta-4 was sent to Cleveland, Ohio in early November of 2552. The team once again aided to evacuate civilians, though the minimal numbers of causulties was surprising. Intel suggested the Covenant were in pursuit of some type of key necessary for firing the Halo Array. Multiple groups of civilians were held hostage and interrogated, until UNSC intervention. Delta-4 had rescued nearly 30 hostages during the battle, and had barely needed to fire a single round.

Reserved Life://
After the conclusion of the Human-Covenant War, Delta-4 unanimously decided to join the Marine Reserve for a chance at civilian life. Jackson was already a registered reservist when he accepted his title as a Helljumper. Jackson moved to New York with his family in 2553. He enjoyed almost 4 years in civilian life, especially because he was around his family for the first time in his long career. Taking his opportunities, he attended a community college the entire time he was in the Reserve.

He also took up three jobs to aid his family financially: his day jobs were as an automobile mechanic and a high school football coach. Due to his background in the sport and his military mindset, he was a prime candidate for the jobs. He held vigourous practices during the weekdays, which resembled ODST training in terms of physical strength, self discipline, and team coordination. During school hours, he would work in the garage fixing cars, trucks, and other vehicles in a college workshop. His team claimed the championships for all his 4 years of coaching.

By night, he worked as an assistant busser for a local dive bar called "Grif's". Despite the work load, Jackson had time to earn his degree on campus in Mechanical Engineering. It was unusual seeing a man in his 30's attending college, but managed his time without pressure. Most students felt it was intimidating to confront a ODST and Gunnery Sergeant in the first place.

Becoming a Spartan://
Later that year, Delta-4 was brought up to the UNSC Tendency for a supply run to Mars. However, the UNSC Tendency was attacked on Mars during a delivery to the Spartan-IV training establishments. Insurrectionist forces overran the Tendency, killing the Captain as well. Her Commander was forced to scuttle her. By late-2556, and was addressed by Jun to consider joining the second wave of the Spartan-IV Program. He and the rest of his team accepted, all in honor of their captain‚Äďa man who they had risked their lives over and over for. Leckerman decided to retire this year. They left Delta-4 in charge of an entirely new group of ODSTs. Jackson graduated just in time for redeployment, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The team was trained on Mars, graduating in February of 2557, along with the public commissioning of the UNSC Infinity.

The previous members of Delta-4 had officially changed their name to ‚ÄúFireteam Ares‚ÄĚ, a name they had gone by before unofficially. Ares was deployed during the first battle of Requiem, sent by Captain Andrew Del Rio to secure a perimeter around the crash site of the UNSC Infinity, assisted by a platoon of Marines. They were quickly overrun by Promethean forces, and retreated to secure the Infinity's deployment elevators for the duration of the assault. Their Pelican barely managed the return trip, and the Marines they had been accompanied by where confirmed KIA. Fireteam Ares was approved for three weeks leave after the New Phoenix incident on July 24, 2557.

In February of 2558, Fireteam Ares was deployed aboard the UNSC Infinity for the Second Battle of Requiem. They, along with other Spartan Fireteams, managed to establish a research facility codenamed: EARNSIDE during operation: LAND GRAB. Fireteam Ares was deployed on regular supply runs for the duration of the Requiem campaign. After Requiem's destruction, Jackson and his team were not deployed for several months. While they were off the field, Fireteam Ares managed to climb high in the Infinity's War Games leaderboard, as well as finally configure their custom Mjolnir Armor sets. Not to his teammates' surprise‚Äč, he bore the HELLJUMPER-Class armor.

Deployment to Trost://
After the Promethean assault on the colony of Trost, Jackson was sent to the UNSC In Solemn Night in November of 2563. Spartan Michael Alvin was left in charge of Fireteam Ares. On Trost, he was sent on an engagement to the Koi Jungle to assault the Jiralhanae known as Terraeus. Assigned to a makeshift team of Marines as reinforcement, Jackson barely exhibited any combat during the operation. Weeks after the Koi assault, he was sent to invade a Red Hand stronghold, and came into contact with a target ONI has titled "The Green Man". The engagement ended with a couple rounds of buckshot in his left thigh.

Months later, he re-entered the field to assist a Swords Scarab through the streets of New Shanghai. He resorted to some R&R aboard the In Solemn Night, and weeks later was sent to the harsh planet of Magnus along with John-A222, Fireteam Tempest, and a handful of other Spartans. Upon atmospheric entrance, their Pelican was ambushed by Banshees. The hostiles where swiftly dealt with, and the team was recalled to Trost to aid in naval combat. The team's Pelican had crash landed into the Night's bay, where they joined several other Spartans and Marines in firefight.

Shortly after repairing his helmet, as his old one's VISR had been severly damaged in his previous Pelican crash, he was sent down to the embattled city of Kairoh as a Covenant invasion plauged the metropolitan area. Managing to perform a final sweep of the area, he proceeded with a group of Marines to clear the airways by disabling Covenant radio jammers scattered from sector to sector. Not quite finished in the fight yet, he rallied back in the Sector 3 FOB that the UNSC had set up at the civilian transport station, assisting in the location's defense. He was re-stationed to Fort Bedragare until August 3, were the battle for Fort Delta raged along the western coast of Diallo.

In the early stages of the fight, he commandeered a Vulture, which provided substantial firepower before being shot down. The rest of his efforts went to aid the Fort's evacuation. On September 8, he was deployed into New Shanghai with Mammoth support in an attempt to keep UNSC prescense in the city. As his AO was challenged, Covenant forces attempted to raid the Mammoth. He managed to prevent their Mammoth's MAC cannon from firing by confiscating the remote detonator. He kept his ground on with the Mammoth until evac arrived, several hours later.

Only days after the attack on Fort Bedragare, he proceeded to assist in the evacuation of Serath in Operation: Line in the Sand, the final battle for the fate of Trost. Within minutes of flying over into the city, Covenant AA guns shot down a Pelican, which crash landed into the Albatross he was riding in. He managed to regroup with UNSC forces along the way, including his son, Jacob. The group hiked to a weapons depot to rally with additional forces and proceed to the city center. The Lassens took up Sniper positions in a nearby hotel, detailing the Covenant's assault on a weapons depot and assisting in the UNSC's defense. After assisting in the location's defense, he continued to the city center via Falcon, which was shot down by a hostile Banshee. Surviving the crash, he regrouped with UNSC forces to evacuate the lost city.

After the events in Serath, he was assigned to a Spartan team tasked with eliminating a HVT onboard the In Solemn Night known as Rysa 'Vestam. During the operation, hostile forces managed to damage to ship's propulsion systems. Assisted by other Spartans, all attempts to repair the reactor were fruitless, his CO forcing a full retreat as as the Infinity-class vessel fell towards Trost. All but one Spartan managed to hop his Pelican, successfully extracting the team. They landed in Fort Bedragare shortly after, awaiting recovery forces to arrive.

Hours after word of Trost's condition was sent to ONI headquarters, all personnel were withdrawn from the planet. Jackson and his son were accepted for R&R, enjoying the holidays once again with his family in New York City. On January 6, he was stationed aboard the UNSC Infinity and reassigned as the leader of Fireteam Ares. He was welcomed with open arms by his former ODST team, followed that night by a game of Cards Against Humanity and some bottles of beer.

Reassigned to Minerva://
Jackson had spent nearly 4 years with his old Fireteam before being assigned to Minerva in the Lambda Rho system. He had finally settled down on the Infinity, and the news of his deployment came inevitably. Command was passed on again to Spartan Michael "Saint" Alvin, who had proven his skill while Jackson fought on Trost. The Spartan arrived in the planet's orbit on January 11, 2568, and is currently stationed on stand by aboard the UNSC Helen of Troy.

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