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Well Hello again everybody.  So I am going to be short this week. To be honest, I can't believe it is tuesday again. Like I am shocked at how quick the weeks are flying. In fact, this week I hit 5 months. Where is the time going? I really don't want it to g...

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06/13/2017 - We Had An Incredible Miracle
Hey All! So this week was a bit tiring. Mostly because I can't really
breathe and I have been kinda sick most of the week. But we don't rest so I
hope it goes away! We were cutting some lady’s lawn wednesday with hand
clippers (no idea why she wanted it don...

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06/06/2017 -
Hello everyone,  So
this week was LONG! But was a good week. Lets just say however that 8 days with
no P-day was hard! It was weird yesterday waking up and going to work again,
this whole week was weird. But Let’s get down to it. So the week started off goo...

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05/29/2017 We Had An Awesome Miracle
Hey everyone. So this week was interesting, not much happend so I will be short. We had the car. So we were visiting a lot of people we struggle to get to on foot because it is so far. We tracted a lot. Not much happened though.  The big news is we had zone...

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05/22/2017 - I Know There is a Family Here for Us to Teach
Hey everyone.  Well this week was interesting. It was a tough one. Me and Elder Wiwchar (absolutely none of you are going to pronounce that right) have been working hard. It is so different to have a new missionary, he is a good elder and is excited to work...

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Hello everybody.  So this week's email will be a little shorter. I don't have a ton to say, partly because I got to talk to my family yesterday. Which was super cool. But anyway. This was a weird week. Let me explain. So first off it was transfers and Elder...

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05/14/2017 - Happy Mother's Day!!
Post from the Ollis Family: We got to visit with Elder Ollis on Mother's Day!  What a treat!  Once we got the technology worked out it was great to see and hear him.  He looks so happy and smiled freely throughout the call.  He still has his witty humor and...

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05/08/2017 - I Know the Lord Has A Purpose
So this week was really weird. We got to go to the temple  Tuesday . It was so cool, It was so good to see all the missionaries from the north of our mission. It was super fun, and it was nice to sit next to President Miles through the session. It was such ...

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05/01/2017 - But the Missionaries Can't Do It Alone
So hello everyone! This week was the last week of our mission
spring fling. We absolutely dominated our district and are waiting to see who
won out of the zone (I am confident we also dominated, we threw up 29 points
yesterday. Our average daily is about 7-...

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4/23/2017 - It's the Most Rewarding Thing I Have Done in My Life
Hey everyone. So this week was bitter sweet. First the sweet. WE
PICKED UP A FAMILY! We had tracted into the wife a few weeks ago and
were trying to get the husband. We stopped by thursday, and taught them
the first lesson and are going back this thursday. ...
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