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Sue Allport
For the love of marketing... protect your investment with words that sell.
For the love of marketing... protect your investment with words that sell.

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NEW event: 'How to organise and execute premium events, the Crewe Hall way'.

These skills are timeless. Ever noticed how often you end up being involved in events, directly or indirectly?
This free 'how to' is on 8th May, 6:15pm at the stately mansion and hotel, Crewe Hall.

Book tickets here >>

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Build your personal celebrity to win more business. Learn how to get famous for the good of your company - #staffsma

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Keynote speaker announcement - big news for Staffordshire!

Andrew Garner is coming to Staffordshire and sharing his unique insights during Action for Business Live. When their established industry models were broken, Garner helped a generation of business leaders navigate through the turbulence and come out fighting. 

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We are eager to please, business buddies! :)

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Tips for customer loyalty - what builds it, kills it and retains it. From Chris Daffy, Staffordshire Marketing Academy speaker and author or 'Once a customer, always a customer' - 

Monkeys and Pimm's!

Brand new Trentham Estate event with Marketing Manager, Amanda Dawson and the CIM.

Amanda will explain how Trentham was transformed from simple garden centre to monkey-packed, top tourist attraction!

Interesting, networking, plus Pimm's and a BBQ - triple bonus :)

Here's the link if you'd like to book:

It's on the 26th so you'll have to be speedy if you fancy it!
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You might need to rejig your online marketing... What Facebook's responsive redesign means for your business: 

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Marco North Great author, his writing is always very touching. He's published print books but is now sharing a new story online, via Google+ and Quora boards/

+Philip Oakley - aka Mr. Google - you'll approve of this! :o)
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