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Drops for dreamland: 10 essential oil tips for your bedtime routine

Think back on the last time you snapped at a loved one, struggled through simple tasks, neglected a workout, and made poor food choices to boot. Chances are you had too little sleep the night before and that the sleep you did get was restless. When we can’t sleep, poor rest’s ugly effects creep into all the other areas of our lives. There’s no need to pry those eyelids open any longer, friends! These tips, combined with the soothing and calming aromas of essential oils that work best for helping you get to sleep, will have you tuckered out in no time.

1. Best essential oil scents for sleep
Vetiver essential oil benefits and uses Young LivingThe relaxing and calming aroma of some oils can create an environment that helps make hitting the hay a walk in the park. Diffuse any of these on their own or in a comforting blend or apply them topically as part of your nighttime routine to help ease yourself into sweet dreams.

Peace & Calming®
German Chamomile
2. Essential oils for relaxation
Stress Away essential oil with Vanilla

Sometimes falling asleep isn’t a matter of not being tired but about tossing and turning, unable to turn off our minds, thanks to life’s big and little stressors. To help create a stress-free environment at bedtime, use these oils in a calming massage or diffuse them to bring out their soothing scents.

Stress Away™
Ylang Ylang
3. A nighttime routine
If you have little ones, you know how important a bedtime routine is for setting the stage for getting to sleep—and the same holds true for adults! Performing the same rituals every evening can help prepare your body for rest and relaxation. Take a warm bath, brush your teeth, and moisturize your skin with a night cream that you’ve infused with your favorite calming Young Living essential oils. These or other quiet nighttime habits over time will help your brain recognize that it’s time to settle down for slumber.

4. Atmosphere is everything
Our bedrooms should be our sleep sanctuaries. Eliminate the desire to scroll through your phone or tablet all night, and leave it in another room, or at the other side of the room, if it serves as your alarm. Dim your lights, wear soft pajamas, and diffuse this calming blend to create the perfect atmosphere for drifting off to dreamland.

Bottle of Lavender Essential OilCedarwood Essential OilDream Blend
5 drops Lavender

4 drops Cedarwood

1 drop Vetiver

5. A little Lavender love
Did you know that Lavender Vitality™ taken internally can help reduce occasional anxious feelings and promote peaceful rest during times of occasional sleeplessness? Try adding a drop or two of Lavender Vitality to warm herbal tea as you settle down for the evening or add 2–3 drops to a vegetable capsule and take with water 30 minutes before bed.

Tranquil Roll-on - Young Living6. Organization goes a long way
Don’t lie in bed thinking about all the things you need to do! Take 30 minutes before you start your bedtime routine (surely you haven’t forgotten about it already!) to tackle the tasks that keep your mind busy. Do a quick tidying of the house, make sure lunches are prepared for the next day, and organize your calendar and to-do list for tomorrow. Play some of your favorite chill-out music (maybe this Sweater-weather playlist fits the bill?) and use your Tranquil Roll-On to make your must-dos more enjoyable.

7. Calm the mind
Preparing for bed can be a spiritual experience. Whether you use prayer, yoga, or meditation, use the time before you retire to clear your mind of mundane things and devote this important part of your day to gentle connection with your spiritual center. Try diffusing Myrrh, Sacred Mountain, or Sacred Sandalwood during this time to create an environment that is both relaxing and grounding.

8. Gentle stretching
If you’re sore from a long workout or feeling tense in your body, falling asleep can seem impossible. Give yourself a fighting chance at a decent night’s sleep by stretching your whole body, paying special attention to extra-tight areas. Add some extra-soothing relief by using Deep Relief™ Roll-On or Cool Azul™ Pain Relief Cream. Have sore feet? Try this DIY foot soak.

Copaiba Essential Oil benefits and uses- Young LivingDIY Foot Soak
¼ cup Epsom salt

2 drops Copaiba essential oil

2 drops PanAway® essential oil blend

Warm water

Mix the Epsom salt and essential oils in a small bowl.
Add salt mixture to warm water.
Sit back, relax, and let your feet soak for 15–30 minutes.
9. Supplement your sleep
When sleep is particularly hard to come by, try adding Young Living’s SleepEssence™ to your bedtime regimen. The vegetarian capsules contain Lavender, Vetiver, Valerian, and Ruta Graveolens essential oils, along with melatonin—a well-known sleep aid.*

10. Write it out
If there’s simply too much on your mind, often the physical act of writing down everything you’re thinking about can help you feel like you’ve cleared your head. As you fill a couple of journal pages, diffuse essential oils with aromas that help bring clarity and calm, like Envision™.

Now that you’re well-rested, it’s easier to stay on top of the other parts of your life. Now you can reset your mindset for handling the constant hustle and use these 7 tips to help lead a more balanced life!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Young Living products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

19JUNE 14, 201718
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Plan to Stay Fit This Winter

Winter's here, and you've moved your running shoes to the back of the closet until April. Yet that piece of pumpkin pie has your name on it.

With the onset of colder weather, shorter days, and snow-covered streets, we eat more and exercise less, waiting for the spring thaw to get back in shape. Instead of having to make New Year's resolutions to lose holiday weight and join a health club, why not set goals to stay fit this winter?

Move Fitness Indoors
Winter is the perfect time to start a weight-training program. When it's sunny and warm in summer, you'd rather be outside cycling or rock climbing. When it's snowing, why not lift weights for 30 minutes during lunch? Statistics show that more people suffer heart attacks in winter from shoveling snow, often because they're out of shape. With regular strength training, you'll be able to shovel that snow and get a head start with outdoor sports when spring comes around.

Walk Outside on Weekends
Going for a jog or walk during mid-day when the sun is high is a great time to get outside and catch a few rays. Be sure to dress warmly, wear sunscreen, and drink plenty of water. Dehydration is most common in colder months when you're less aware of fluid loss.

Take a Dance Class
Accept that invitation to the New Year's Eve celebration and take a class in ballroom dancing. While you're dancing, you're not hanging around the buffet table or the bar, and your waistline will thank you for it.

Rediscover Ice Skating
Whether it's on a frozen pond or at a rink, ice skating provides seasonal exercise opportunities, especially good for the legs. And it's great fun, bringing out the kid in all of us.

Consider Snowshoeing
Snowshoeing is just a matter of strapping snowshoes onto your boots and walking. Snowshoes make hiking trails and snowy city parks accessible and can be rented from sporting goods stores at a relatively inexpensive price.
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In this issue, we share 10 stretches to complement your massage therapy regimen and author Til Luchau reminds clients how to truly relax on the massage table.
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Recent reviews collected from online booking system

Perfect touch!
Suzanne O. says: Teri takes the time to "listen" to you and get a feel for what your needs are. I have very sensitive skin and too much pressure causes pain. After listening to me she delivered the perfect message at the perfect pressure for relaxing. I have had many massages from other therapists and I would say she is at the top!! I would recommend her to anyone!
Feeling better
Michael F. says: Was the first massage I ever had and it was really awesome thank you very much for relieving the pain in my back

Awesome Massage
Diane M. says: Teri Shepherd is the best massage therapist I have been to. She is very professional and takes the time to provide the type of massage requested. I have been to several different massage therapists and by far Teri is the best!

Teri Shepherd
Peter J. says: Teri is the best Massage Therapist I have ever known! Her ability to use deep tissue massage is like no one else. Every time I have experienced Teri as a massage therapist, and I have gone to her regularly since 2005, I am completely satisfied and feel much better! I highly recommend Teri to family and friends!

Great massage!!
Cristina D. says: Teri is an amazing massage therapist! I lost track of her for awhile and couldn't find anyone who could give a great deep tissue massage like her. So glad I going her again. I can't wait to schedule my next appointment!

Peggy S. says: Just what I needed for tightness in neck. Very helpful. Recommend Teri

Great Therapy!
Kim K. says: I go to AMT about every four weeks. Teri does an excellent job of getting rid of my knots and soreness without beating me up.

Exactly what I wanted
David J. says: I have had many "trained experts" who say they give massages. Most of them should be given and not paid for. It was a quiet time and did exactly what I wanted. The best endorsement is that I have scheduled another appointment.. D

Myra D. says: Ï have been going to see Teri on a regular basis for years....she truly is the BEST. I always feel GREAT after my massage....she has the PERFECT touch!

P J S. says: My massage was very helpful and relaxing. Highly recommend Teri!!

Just what I needed!
Paige K. says: I have seen their sign and decided to make an appointment. My stress areas, neck and shoulders, were focused on. I was extremely satisfied and have already suggested allen county massage to several people. Thank you!

Jama S. says: Teri is skilled at getting deep knots out without being rough. Everything about the experience was inviting, professional, and relaxing. And I made my next appointment!

Leslie L. says: Teri is awesome. Massage was great. Exactly what l needed. Nice place

Wonderful Massage
Jennie B. says: Teri is an amazing massage therapist! She offers a very relaxed atmosphere and makes you feel relaxed from the minute you walk in the door. She asks the right questions and listens, so that she can provide the optimal massage experience. I have been to many massage therapists and she has that "perfect" touch.

Patti W. says: Teri has the right touch for every situation. I've been to several massage therapists over the years and typically their touch is too light or too deep without being able to adjust. Teri is very wonderful at adjusting her pressure to my needs. I highly recommend Teri to anyone who has never had a massage and to anyone who has them regularly. She is wonderful.

Tammy W. says: Teri does an amazing job! I can't wait to go back.

Awesome Massage
David j. says: Great , very relaxing, my best massage ever.

Great Massage!!!
Wanda G. says: Teri gave me the best massage I've had in Ft Wayne. So relaxing I almost fell asleep. I will definitely schedule another massage with her.
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