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Four of my students have volunteered to take part in vote to be gunged!  It's all to raise money for an excellent student-led enterprise project, to expand their social enterprise which is helping victims of sex-trafficking in Nigeria to get their lives back on track by developing their skills.

Donations = votes.  Please visit to read more, watch the students pleas and, most importantly, donate.  Please give what you can to this amazing project.

Thank you.

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Third Session: 13:45 - 14:45
16. Workshop
Real enrichment, real engagement, real projects: Google Apps to enhance the student learning experience
Gary Wood (English) & Sarah Horrigan (CiCS)
 Collaboratory 1, IC (MC: 40)
What is this about?
Showcasing Google award-winning – which was created as an assessment by our own undergraduate students – this session will demonstrate the creation of a vibrant, inclusive community of learning using Google Apps.  Building the site allowed our first-years to support the transition of A-Level students by highlighting the diverse range of opportunities offered by degree-level linguistics.  Feedback confirmed students’ high intrinsic motivation through the authentic learning experience and ownership of learning, with all grades rising.  Students noted they put in more work but got far more out of it than traditional assessments.  Further, the project enhanced employability with students recognising that they gained tangible, transferable skills through the learning process. 
How will colleagues benefit from this?
This hands-on session will let you hear from the students involved, take you through a structured approach and demonstrate easy, practical ways to integrate online collaborative activities into your own learning and teaching practice in an interactive workshop.

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Great way to encourage more students to sign up for and attend individual/small group sessions.
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