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Google Security is hiring! We nurture an invigorating, positive atmosphere by hiring talented, bright people who share a common interest - improving online security and privacy and having a great time doing it.

My team in Infrastructure Security is looking for Software Engineers passionate about research and development of static analysis tools for security analysis of Android apps.

Location: Mountain View (HQ)

Job Description:
We are looking for individuals who enjoy collaborative teamwork, thrive on computationally hard problems, are motivated by impact, deeply care about security, and have strong academic background in static analysis.

* Conceive, research, implement, evaluate, and productionize new analyses
* Maintain, debug, optimize, and refactor code
* Architect new systems, write tests, and documentation
* Publish papers at academic venues
* Support the developers-facing teams who run our static analysis tools in production

Minimum qualifications:
* PhD in computer science
* Background in abstract interpretation and/or compilers
* Understanding of data structures and algorithms used in static analysis
* Proficiency with C++
* Strong problem solving skills
* Excellent written and verbal communication

Desired skills and experience:
* Some experience with Android, ideally security-related
* Demonstrated ability to develop static analysis tools
* Strong publishing record in PL / FM / compilers
* Proven track record in finding bugs and vulnerabilities with automated tools

At Google, our users come first, and the Systems Infrastructure team is at the heart of that promise. We build the technologies that transform the way we think about doing business. Whether working on our cloud systems, researching the latest in computer technology or keeping Google's internal systems humming, Googlers and users alike rely on us to keep things running.

Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more.
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Research Internships in Program Analysis @ Google

My team at Google has a number of research internship openings in program analysis for 2016.  Possible topics include the following:

* Identification of vulnerabilities in Java/Android through static analysis
* Distributed static analysis of large applications (C++/Java)
* Dynamic symbolic execution
* Automated test case generation

Internships could start as early as Jan 2016 and as late as Sep 2016, and typically last 14 weeks, but extensions are a possibility.  Positions are available in Mountain View, CA and New York, NY.

Ideal candidates would have strong research background and solid (C++) programming skills.

Please send CVs and referrals to me.
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1 year at Google.
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Croatia has entered EU after going through a much more rigorous process than some other members. Hope this works out better than the last five unions we were a part of...
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All Google's mail servers have offered optional STARTTLS support for over two years, but none of the top consumer sites (by mail volume) have joined us. Almost all of our encrypted traffic is to other enterprise/business servers.

I realize there are a number of issues with this encryption, it won't prevent the full range of attacks, but it would make bulk interception by splitting traffic nearly impossible.

If you use some of these services or you work on them, perhaps you should ask them to add support for email transport encryption.
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Having a long commute, I tend to spend quite a bit of time talking to my family back home over Skype while driving (I don't operate the phone while driving). With iPhone I had before, the signal was mediocre, and the calls would get dropped once or twice on my way. Recently, I switched to Android and changed the commuting route, and Skype became totally useless. The quality was so bad and calls would get dropped too many times for me to be able to use it. Annoying, but I was really curious what the root cause is: phone, new route, or Skype got worse? (the provider stayed the same)

Here's what I found out:
- Skype definitely got worse (now it doesn't work well even from my laptop on high-bandwidth network)
- Route made little difference
- Android's signal is better when Wireless is switched off, as it seems to be confused trying to connect to networks on the way
- Started using Google Voice (2 cents / min for Croatia) and the quality of signal is SUPERB! No dropped calls, perfect quality. Amazing product!
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