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Matthew Ruff
Criminal Defense Attorney in Torrance
Criminal Defense Attorney in Torrance

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There is a lot of stress and worry that follows a DUI arrest, knowing what to do and what not to do is important.  Here are the most common mistakes people make: 1. Forget to demand a DMV hearing. This is THE MOST important thing to do because if you fail t...

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What Does DMV Hearing Decision "Under Submission" Mean?
In California a DMV hearing is presided over by a state employee called a hearing officer.  This hearing officer listens to the evidence and arguments made by the attorney and decides whether the DMV has met their burden of proof with respect to a DUI arres...

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Understanding The Terms Of Probation On Your California DUI
Congratulations on the resolution of your DUI case.  You can begin to move on with your life and begin the process of putting this situation behind you.  This article is intended to help you understand the terms of your probation and obligations to the Cour...

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California Revamped Texting While Driving Laws In 2017
You may ask what texting while driving has to do with DUI.  In my 20 years of practicing drunk driving law I have seen a significant number of my clients stopped for sing a cell phone while driving which then leads to a full blown DWI investigation.  Theref...

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Is a Retrograde Extrapolation in DUI Cases Reliable?
Any DUI attorney in California worth his salt knows that prosecutors will pull out a bag of tricks in order to get a conviction.  One of the most common arguments used by the DA is that of Retrograde Extrapolation. In many DUI trials the district attorney w...

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Refusing To Submit To A Chemical Test For DUI Is Not A Violation Of PC 148
Many officers believe if a dui suspect refuses to take a breath or blood test during a drunk driving investigation then they are guilty of delaying an officer under PC 148.  Not so under California law according to People vs. Valencia  240 Cal.App.4 th Supp...

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False Statements During DUI Stop Can Result In Charges of Lying To A Cop
An appeals Court in California recently decided that telling a cop you had nothing to drink during a dui investigation can be grounds for conviction of Vehicle Code 31, false statements to a law enforcement officer. The facts of the case are as follows:  Ve...

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New Law In California Allows For No Suspension For First Time DUI Offenders Who Install IID
California SB 1046 is a new law starting in 2017 that permits first time offenders to avoid any mandatory license suspension as long as they install an ignition interlock on their car (IID). The new California legislation is being hailed as a step in the ri...

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DUI Checkpoints Scheduled For The South Bay This Weekend
Local police and law enforcement are ramping up saturation patrols and dui checkpoints as we get closer to the holidays.  This weekend Redondo Beach will conduct a sobriety checkpoint in hopes of ensnaring drinking drivers too impaired to operate a motor ve...

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Getting Enrolled In Torrance DUI Classes Early
Sometimes it is wise to get enrolled early in a dui class, before you go to Court.  One of the best DUI classes in Torrance is Driver Benefits which is owned by Bill Wickline.  Contact Bill and tell him you want to enroll in the AB541 class but you have not...
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