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"Respect for All Things will become more prominent in the Planetary mindscape. By “All Things” we mean All Sentient Beings, but we include literally All Entities in the category of Sentient Beings. And by Entity we mean anything the mind can split off into a separate Thing. So we mean not just a Critter, but a Plant, a Rock, Gravel, a Dust Mote. The Universe is Consciousness; Matter is a minor side effect, and Identity is an artifice."
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laurie corzett

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" Young people grew up in a continual state of fear. The government seemed out to get them. Any traffic stop might land you in prison. Profiling — a “peace” bumper sticker — or perhaps the proverbial “broken taillight,” could easily bring on a police search. Even if they couldn’t find anything, one might pull a bag of pot out of his own pocket, and say “gotcha.”

Activists arose everywhere. Despite harassment and ridicule, they persevered. Eventually national figures, such as Allen St. Pierre of NORML and Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, began to lay the groundwork for the present.

Meanwhile, self perpetuating bureaucracies, the vested interests of police, courts and jailers, and ordinary political inertia, continued the expansion of arrests. By the time of the Clinton Administration, it was nearly one million per year.

Stepping aside from the white middle class victims, it was among minorities that the crusade against marijuana users was most terrible. With criminal records crippling employability, every black community has been held back by prohibition.

Race was always a factor. After all, Federal Bureau of Narcotics Commissioner, Harry Anslinger, the point man for the prohibition effort in 1937, argued that marijuana needed to be outlawed because it “makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”
As marijuana legalization gains traction across the country, some ask “Why now?” A better question perhaps is “How did this prohibition ever last so long?” People have always suffered the compulsion to hunt scapegoats, and politicians are more than happy to pander to our harshest instincts. With two world wars and the Cold War, the …
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laurie corzett

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"We usually give more power to Pluto by trying to keep the dark tidy and organized. We often do that through manipulation and keeping secrets. We might say we do this for our own good or somebody else’s. However, we usually end up dedicating ourselves to keep more darkness in the world. Think about it. What else are you doing if you’re keeping others in the dark? This doesn’t mean we have to blab everything. But owning up to what gives us light beats back the wildness of the dark better. And we can give a specific name to what keeps us in the dark: fear. Pluto’s move forward signals a time to face our fears and change our relationship to them, not do everything in our power to avoid or run from them."
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