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~ conscious eye scans metahorizons
~ conscious eye scans metahorizons

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no arguing or disrespect
meaningful conversations encouraged and applauded

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Monday, March 27
MERCURY passes in front of URANUS and in ℞ pre-shadow

Communications can turn wild and erratic now, scattering mental energies blindly in all directions with a snarling bite that can create shock, upset and offense if ‘ideas’ are taken personally (and they may).

Mercury will stay in his pre-shadow phase until his retrograde on April 9, meaning that what is said, signed, agreed upon (often rashly) will have to be revisited (Apr 9-May 3), and then re-negotiated (May 3-21).

How to deal with this period?
1. Start to write the story.
2. Go back and edit it
3. Write it again or scrap it altogether.

Saturday, March 25
PISCES MOON/SOUTH NODE on ☿/♃/♇ T-square (and the rest of this weekend)

If you are feeling to get involved in deep discussions, this is probably not the best of times. You may not enjoy how things might suddenly work out. The outcome is going to shock or upset you so much that it could really hurt.

We are all caught up in stagnant thought patterns, where our ideas are a bit caught up with trying to be right or wrong, to judge what’s morally good and bad, to justify ourselves and to condemn the other.

This is perhaps a time to repose, take some time out, sit in your centre and reflect on everything going on around you without taking sides. Either see yourself implicit in everything that is occurring, or perhaps unattach yourself from it all.

Trust me on this… this is a perfect moment to stay out of any drama. Put down that phone, Hold back on posting that letter, defer that meeting and be offline. Find a nice, quiet place for yourself and gently step into communion with your higher self.

(if that’s at all possible)..."

by Ang Stoic
on Mercury in Aries activating T-square (Jupiter Rx-Uranus-Pluto) March 24 - 27 2017

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"While property has transformed the world, its flaws have never been more apparent. Open land on the frontier, if it ever actually existed for the common man’s taking, is long gone. Homeownership no longer provides the economic security it once did, and appears out of reach for younger generations. The richest 1% holds more wealth than the rest of the world combined. At the same time, environmental degradation and climate change proceed at a terrifying pace.

Our capitalist property regime and economic system have succeeded at producing remarkable surplus. But the benefits of this system too often flow to a small fraction of the population, while land, water, air and people pay the long-term price.

Prior generations responded to similar crises by turning to communism. But today, Marx, Lenin and Mao no longer offer a scythe sharp enough to fell the stalks of capitalism.

Another, more cutting-edge possibility is to heed the diverse indigenous voices displaced and drowned out by imperialism. From Standing Rock to Queensland, colonized and indigenous people are demanding new relationships to water that sustains the life and land which provides for the people.

This approach entails returning lands and resources to indigenous control and rethinking our relationship to the environment by recognizing and protecting indigenous values and the rights of nature through the law."
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