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Demian Flores
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name.
If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name.

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Repatriation, for real...
This past week my assignment in Italy ended and I'm currently in the process repatriation to the US after living overseas in Italy and Japan since early 2008.  Repatriation is the process of returning to ones place of origin or citizenship, this is basicall...

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Zaragoza, Spain
Again, just a place holder... I will update this in a few days. \ If you can, visit Zaragoza, it's not far from Madrid or Barcelona.  #EatTapas

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Bologna is a city in northern Italy.   Because of my plan to visit San Marino most of my time in Bologna was after sunset but I did make an effort to wake up early Sunday and see the city during the morning.  the two towers, the short one leaning.  A statue...

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Touching Clouds in San Marino
It never crossed my mind to check the weather or more specifically the cloud ceiling and visibility for the day I decided to make a trip to San Marino.  Why would I?  When I woke up the weather was nice outside blue sky with scattered clouds.  San Marino is...

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This past weekend I made my farthest trip into Eastern Europe, the city of Bucharest in Romania.  The first thing you notice when you visit this city is the Palace of Parliament, the largest civilian building in the world... Most expensive too. This buildin...

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Driving the Amalfi Coast
Growing up and until a few years ago I was not aware of the Amalfi coast.   Now I have driven the Amalfi coast twice, once from the west and the second time from the east.  First thing that happens when you drive from the east is you miss this left turn, ev...

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Italian Barbershop
It you are planning on visiting a barber shop in Italy for a haircut, this is the Italian translation you are looking for: più corti ai lati, più lunghi sopra. If your Italian is limited, once you say the above phrase, that's about the limit of input for yo...

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Mayor of Martina Franca
This is Francesco Ancona, Mayor of Martina Franca. It's not clear why he is cutting the ribbon, there is nothing really new on either side of the ribbon.  But  it's being cut, for this kind of event you need a marching band! This is the arch where the ribbo...

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On the northern edge of southern Italy is a town called Matera and the ancient town of Sassi, not far from where I live in Gtottaglie.  Depending on where you park and what day it is the first thing you walk up on is a local market, lots of old things. Lazy...

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I have wanted to visited Bern, Albert Einstein realized the theory of relativity by looking back on a clock during a tram ride to somewhere and I have wanted to check out this clock.  Much like the rest of Switzerland Bern is beautiful.  Everywhere you look...
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