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New on IFTTT! Take command of your +Amazon Echo by triggering Recipes with a specific phrase

Something I stumbled on ,I dint have a spare power outlet near my TV, but I desperately wanted chromecast to Power on the TV automatically.
 So I took a chance and plugged in the USB cable to my router (which had a USB port for storage) and it worked !!

Now the chromecast is always on and doesn't need a wall socket to power it !!
Edit : As mentioned in comments, works with cable boxes with USB and even XBOX !!

#USB   #chromecast     #google     #tips   #chrome  

As an entertainment device this has a lot of possibilities, but here are my few additional thought on different website experiences which can be enhanced with chromecast , the list is endless . Imagine these scenarios
Google + -  When the google + app is casted, it opens the full/custom google + with different buttons on the phone /tablet (+1, next,previous etc)

Facebook - When the app is casted, it opens up full Facebook with custom buttons on the phone /tablet (like,dislike,keyboard etc)

Amazon - when the app is casted, the website shows custom interface with buy, next previous etc on the phone/tablet

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Took these snaps from my porch, came out really nice !!
Spring snaps
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Battery life on my galaxy nexus is pretty good sometimes (especially when there are not a lot of calls) ... What do you guys think??

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Other Google products troll Google Maps for iPhone.

Nice job +YouTube, +Google Earth and +Google Maps!

See for yourself: 

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epic win!
It's unbelievable

here video from another point and crazy commentator (thanx +Marko Golubovic ):
TV Košava: Cibona - Partizan - Kecman trojka

here original video with sound (thanx +Djordje Radakovic and +Sebastian hayabusa ):
Najbolja snimka Kecmanove trojke protiv Cibone
Shocking Last Second 3 Point Shot! (watch till end...)

madness, MADNESS in all fields
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