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R.I.P. Street Poet.
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Didn't realize you were in this circle, I'll take you out of it. This directly pertains to a guy most everyone in this circle knew that passed away this afternoon.
Why don't you show some manhood and stop talking about yourself, Ivan. A man just died. Grow up.
See, it's all about you. I'm disengaging, because a little boy who can't spell is making someone's death about him. And frankly, besides having no acumen at all, you'll just muck it up worse. See you.
Thanks for posting Braden. Sorry you're friends with such a tart.
Ivan TAINT is more like it. Go overboard you faggot. 
Who gets laid over g+..... The motha fuckin infiltrator. 
thank you. Idk if i ever thanked you for putting these up. but thank you. 
You're welcome. He was such a sweet man. 
He was a really close friend of mine. and i had no idea that he was where he was until i found out about occupy was a little less than a year before i found out even where he was. i miss him so much. i love him with all my heart. i am so thankful that you putting these here. he was a truly incredible person. the way he loved people was phenomenal.  
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