The Empire Strikes Behind The Scenes

These are absolutely amazing. Love looking through them!

I hate to be waxing poetic about the god old days, but I really do think CGI has taken something away from movies; in the same way that Photoshop has taken something away from photography. Before the firestorm starts, let me explain myself.

I use photoshop, I love photoshop. I think CGI is cool, when done well. I think what can be done these days is amazing. I don't think CGI or Photoshop have taken away skill from the visual arts, it's just a different skill than it was. I don't think they have taken beauty or aesthetic. I don't think they have taken away the artistic side, or the craftsmanship. But they have definitely taken away one this for sure:


That movie magic you always used to hear about. That wonder of of, "How did they do that?? How did they have a ship fly through space? How did they create giant walking machines?" The same thing that used to make us look at a photo and wonder, "How can such a beautiful place exist? How can a sky have such colors? How could someone catch such a perfect moment of those two things in juxtaposition?"

Now I feel like that's all gone. There's no more magic. We know where it came from. A computer did it. Or at least that's how it feels. Even though there are still amazing pictures, amazing moments, and amazing artists, the very fact that we now have photoshop and CGI, and as a whole know what they can do, takes away the magic from even the most genuine moments and scenes. Now, when I see an amazing set, or an amazing landscape photo, or an amazing collection of things within a frame, or absolutely flawless lighting on every part of an image; I can't help but for my first thought to be, "A computer did it."

I want the magic back. I miss the wonder. Sometime not knowing is better.

How do we bring the magic back?

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