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Ben Fullerton
Professional Adventure Photographer, DP, Pentax Shooter and Tall Guy. Life's an adventure, shoot it!
Professional Adventure Photographer, DP, Pentax Shooter and Tall Guy. Life's an adventure, shoot it!


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Hey Google+!!! How Are you? :)

I've been a bit of a ghost for the last while, but I've been neck deep in this documentary project, and can finally see the light of day. 

Check out Episode One of Road To Wanderlust, and let me know what you think!

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This looks flipping incredible. 

If there's one director on the planet that I think had a chance of successfully pulling off 3 new Star Wars movies, it's J.J. Abrams. But he also has a pretty distinct style, and I was worried that it would come out feeling more like an Abrams movie than a Star Wars movie. 

But he nails it in this trailer. The look, feel and sound of it all is absolutely perfect. Now we just have to wait and see if they don't screw the pooch on the storyline...

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Music Monday!!

Start your week off with some soothingly fantastic music!

Here's a beautiful arrangement and performance of one of my all time favorite classical themes– Gabriel Fauré's Pavane, Opus 50. 


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The Road To Wanderlust Film  Kickstarter

Hey Google+ friends!!

Check out this super fun project I'm a part of. I'm directing and editing, as well as composing the music for, this short documentary about two of the coolest people I've ever met, and their incredible road trip in a car that's pretty ridiculous.

We're running a Kickstarter campaign right now to get more funding so we can really spend the amount of time it will take in the post process to do this story justice and tell an important story about traveling, simplifying your life and believing in your own adventure. Check it out, and if ya dig it, support and share! Thanks!!!

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12 Camera Filmmaking Test

Get ready to nerd out on camera comparisons (if that's your things). This a great test, that really well demonstrates the various looks of most of the top filmmaking cameras in use today. 

#filmmaking   #camera   #dslr  #R3D #pixelpeep

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"You're only given one little spark of madness, you mustn't lose it." -Robin Williams 

This isn't a video of Robin Williams, but you should watch it. This is +Pat Metheny, and yesterday was his 60th birthday. The two best concerts I've ever seen were both Metheny, and the third best spot is currently reserved for the next time I see him. Somehow, the mourning of the loss of Robin, and the celebration of Pat felt more connected to me than just in a temporal sense. Both are one of a kind, both are geniuses, both have felt more in day of their life than most will feel in a lifetime. 

And it's that, that made me realize what it means to be an artist. Most of us spend our lives running from real feelings, afraid we might get hurt. You can't just turn on one half of your heart, so we close out the light, for fear of letting in the darkness. Artists decide the light is worth the darkness, and the let their hearts really feel things. It's their job to experience the real, unconstrained life for us– and tell us what it's like. And we love them for it. They help us feel the thing we wish we were brave enough to feel on our own.

Watch this video of Pat, it's my favorite performance of my favorite song of his. Seeing it live is a feeling that will never leave me. There is no part of himself that he isn't pouring into this performance. Every note is the most important thing he has ever done. Every feeling he's ever had, all the darkness and all the light, is channeled into this performance, so that you can feel it too. Most people would be lucky, to one time in their life, feel something as real and powerful as what he feels every time he picks up his guitar. 

Robin Williams was the same. He opened his heart to the full spectrum of emotions, so that he could give them to us as a gift. It's been troubling to hear a few wayward commentators call his actions "selfish", as if he owes us anything; when the reality is likely that he gave us so much of himself that it cost him his life. So many of my favorite films, I loved because of how he made me feel; and so many of my performances are because Pat showed me what it means to play with your heart. I owe so much to both of these guys, for being bright shining examples of what it means to be an artist and to share raw humanity with others. I'm light years away from their greatness, but at least I know which direction to go and have their light to guide me. 

RIP Robin Williams. And rip on, Pat Metheny! 

Listening to a guy in the coffee shop impress his friends by explaining what HDR photography is. 

Apparently it stand for Higher Density Resolution, and it takes three photos of different saturations and fuses them together. 

Man, I was way off! #photography

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Purple Rain was recorded live! Witness the brilliance of Prince.

I've long been a fan of him, and regard him as one of the best living musicians and one of the greats of all time, but this video has brought that appreciation to a whole new level. 

I never knew this, but Purple Rain, the classic and perfect anthem of the 80's, was almost entirely recorded live at a real concert. There were a few overdubs to add strings, guitar riffs, and such, and a few sections were cut out, since this version is 13 minutes long. But for the most part in, the bulk of the song is intact and was performed live, in one take, including the famous guitar riff going out, which he more than likely made up on the spot. 

Oh what I would give to return to the era when pop musicians were this talented. 

The Recording of Purple Rain Live w/Commentary

Possibility is a wide as the space you create for it.

The wonderful yoga teacher Meghan Stockdale dropped that little bit of wisdom on me this morning. It really resonated with me and reminded me of a thought I was had the other day.

A big part of creativity is allowing yourself to indulge in ideas that you're 97% sure are stupid. That's where you find the magic. That's where you find new techniques. That's where you find you're style.

I used to get in trouble for intentionally doing things that were stupid because I wanted to see what would happen, now I make my living doing it.

Go and do likewise.
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