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I've decided that I'll stop using Google services that allow them to track me and my activities on the internet because of the American legislation. I'll try to also minimize my open usage of services based in the US. I know it's impossible to do it completely and not many people care, but I'm posting this because somebody might want to contact me through this medium and hopefully will find this post. My email still works.

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This post will be analysed for language and suspicious words to add to my profile as possible terrorist.

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If you live in UK, you now have to admit to your ISP that you watch porn. I suppose soon you also have to tell them if you're going to be nude in your apartment so they safe guard neighbours accidentally seeing you naked. Then you have to tell everyone that you're having sex so the neighbours kids don't accidentally hear or see it and get corrupted. Not that porn is healthy model of a sex life but it's hardly going to ruin children. Why don't you invest more on proper education, help parents to understand Internet and how to limit their children. Then educate kids about sex and not try to just invent ways to hide the 'ugly' world also invading people's privacy and limiting freedom of speech.

Making thought crimes and depicting fantasies is also insane. Why is it so hard to accept that people will always think what they want and if they're outlawed because of it you're increasing the sense of separation. If you outlaw porn that is depicting rape, it won't stop people thinking about it. Also, people can still play out that fantasy in consenting way and there's nothing wrong about it. Real rape is not acceptable, but outlawing filmed fantasies is just another way of increasing the separation.

I wish I could somehow get it into people's heads that your thoughts are not you. It's how you react to your thoughts that defines your ego. Thought doesn't mean you need to act on it. So a thought about rape while disturbing doesn't mean you have to go an do it. People think about killing, but still don't kill people. Thoughts are not dangerous, they're thoughts. It's the people who act on those thoughts that are dangerous.

People are having it too easy because it seems privacy and freedom of speech are just not important. Since this it what it comes down to trade-off with people's privacy and trying to find the dangerous people who have harmful thoughts. They're seen as more likely to act on those thoughts.

Maybe I'm naive and idealistic but as long as we show distrust towards people and try to limit their rights, we increase the feeling of being separate of each other. By doing so we create a web of rules that will be so dense that it's impossible get through. People will start rebelling and then the people who are in power will have to create more rules and limit people's rights more to maintain their power and this cycle continues until we're in conflict. Doesn't anyone study their history? It has been tried and it never works.

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All the women should be kept indoors so they wouldn't distract men! Grah...

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Leaked documents point to US spying on embassies on their own soil.
EU officials are demanding answers and threatening to call off the negotiations in light of the latest NSA revelations released this week showing how the US has been involved in extensive spying on EU diplomats. The diminishing trust between the two allies could have a knock-on effect on global copyright regulation, and stiffen Europe's resolve to better protect its own citizens' online privacy.

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Cyanide and happiness strikes again

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Dawkins on memes and genes via +Pasi Moilanen 

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How Finns see Europe...

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I think I have found my brand of shyness
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